Spreading Weapons of Mass Creation

Mission: Fund the entrepreneur. Scale the business. Amplify its impact. Founder w 2 exits, Seed VC w 5 unicorns, #vegan

Managing Partner, 500 Global
Founder, SAYS.com (IPO:KLSE: REV => KLSE: MEDIA)
Founder, Groupsmore (Acquired by Groupon)
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We tend to forget… the pandemic had infected us with some NEW QUESTIONS and NEW IDEAS. The more we remember this , we can change things for the better! I was SUPER-charged about this in Q4 2020, It didn’t matter who I was speaking with, I didn’t hold back. Specifically… with investors and governments.
Nas Daily, whose videos have garnered billions of views on Facebook, inked a Spotify deal to launch his debut podcast show, Nas Talks. After interviewing the likes of Yuval Noah Harari (author of Sapiens) he gets me on the show to debate and defend the valuation of his very own company! Hilarious session with him as always!
Beautiful summary of what drives the work I do.

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