An evil viral marketing campaign

Staring at the computer screen for too long?

“You will go blind!”

“You back will ache!”

“You can get carpel tunnel syndrome!” (whatever that is)

And you have a gajillion dollar industry of :ergonomic” office chairs, keyboards, accessories, pillows, screens, academics…

Fear is a great motivator to buy something. Call it the health industry if you want, I have no preference. But I do have 1 question for you.

Will more & more people be required to use computers in the near future? For longer hours… for work, study, and looking like you’re working or studying?

Yes! Trust me, I predict the future accurately half the time.

And based on this obvious, exploding trend in more people having to spend more time on the computer… let’s pretend for a second, I am an unethical marketer, who is so EVIL and smelly.

This might be a difficult exercise, but just pretend, ok… And I will share with you how easily, viral marketing concepts can be applied to very quickly, rip-off a whole generation of computer users. Continue reading