Month: February 2012

The Modern Workplace = Spiritual Practice

OK. So, I was on checking out News Remixes when I came across a YouTube video which resonated with me. I’ll embed it for ya in a sec, I’d like lend some context first.

I was in a paddy field in Bali recently, when I thought about the opportunity to use the modern workplace as a place to practice spiritual growth. I thought to myself, that if you spend 90% of your productive life working, you might as well use it as a sparring ground to challenge n grow your spiritual / personal path, too!

That way you don’t need to only rely on a yearly escape in a paddy field to indulge in spiritual pursuit 😛

Example of the insight in action: If you think compassion and kindness are ‘enlightened’ ideas, you can use it with your colleagues and clients etc.

So when I saw minute 28 on the YouTube video I mentioned, I realized that this kid is using basketball / NBA to practice his spirituality too.

Note: Though he may be using a Christian context, I can relate to how he’s approaching his work, and it’s pretty neat. See minute 28.

So, what values, principles and ideas do you live by? How fun would it be, if the modern workplace as a daily 9 to 5 opportunity to live your truth? I’m grateful to have multi-faith colleagues who are already great examples, and knowing that this works for NBA stars too.