Month: February 2010

Coworking at the original “The Hub” Islington, London

Here I am at what is probably the most well branded and established network of coworking spaces and community of interesting constructive people.

The Hub:


It’s kinda like a gym membership but you work on your business, project, but not your body. And, you meet all kinds of people. Unlike a gym, they don’t distract you with their curves, grunts, or stares.


So cozy. Library. Kitchenette.


IOh, check out the wood on this guy.


It’s actually rolled up card board with a flat board on it. This hub is packed with this thing. Doesn’t look too expensive to make eh. But very nice.

And, you can rent meeting rooms with plenty of sunlight! Helps you grow.


Me chilling out with the heater. It’s like 2 degrees right now in London.

DSCN9795 DSCN9778

For a small space (2000 sq ft) it’s incredibly well used.

DSCN9773DSCN9774 DSCN9775DSCN9799

And… This is how the hub makes money.


This business model allows it to span all over the place!


Isreal, Berkeley, etc.. when is it Kuala Lumpur’s turn?

Watch this space… 😉