Month: April 2009

Because Captivity Isn’t Easy

My impulsive Saturday morning digression produced a photoshoot with Jules the party animal. Some of you may recognize him from the infamous Cat Got Your Tongue parties, or thegreydelay comic strip.

image image image

Yeah I know, he runs wild. So here I attempt to capture him: His emotions, running through his fur as he lounges on my Doof.


I’m not paid to blog about the Doof btw.

It’s just that my friends behind Doof created a product I have been wetting myself about as a kid: A huge, invincible, comfortable beanbag! Way to go Kelvin for a solid satisfying product, and such a witty tagline like “Plush Booty, No Cooty”.

I am a huge fan of the bag. And so is Jules…

Jules the party animal says:

“Captivity isn’t easy for a wild cat like myself.”

“The urban jungle can really wear you down.”


“Even cultured tigers like myself need a safe place to rest the weight of the world on.”

“Yeah. I use a Doof.”


“I spend hours on my Doof. Sometimes, I spend minutes.”

“Yeah. That’s me. Just sitting there growling to myself, re-asserting my dominance over the food chain. Without hurting anyone, of course.”


“Oh, and I do most of my reading on a Doof, too. I read, and read, and let it sink it in… Being the sensitive animal I am, sometimes I cry on it. My Doof tells me it’s OK to cry. It says it’s tear-proof. So I cry. And I feel like, like, everything’s gonna be OK…”


Khailee says:

Um, yeah. OK. OK Jules, that’s OK for now. Just stop.

Right. Where were we?

Oh we’re about done, actually. I supposed to get real work done today.

So if you want to continue this conversation, leave Jules out of it and get in touch with them via their Facebook group or email, ask em what colors and sizes they have. They also do beanbag rental for events.

“I hope you read this by Friday”

Updated: With excerpt of email replies I got.

Photo by Justin Mott

I sent an email to 100 people that night.

It was a twilight experiment with kindness. And dying for animals. I’m republishing it here just to see… what would you have done, if I wrote this email to you?


I was going through my contact list on Gmail and picked out your name.

Slightly random, maybe, but not really….
I chose to write to you, for a reason.

There were hundreds of other names, but nah, I wouldn’t send this email to them. I chose to send this email to you.


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