Month: January 2008

Lost In Penang.

Here I go again.

(Not to Penang, I mean. I haven’t been on this island for many years.)

Its “here I go again – wandering around some path I randomly followed”.


It’s getting late, and I might be heading to the club Slippery Senioritas with some MDeC guys.

Waiting for their call.

I love the MDeC guys.

They flew me to Penang to speak at “Technopreneur Dialog & Web2.0 Sharing” with ex-Googler turned investor Colin Wong.

Hmm… what should I speak about.

I’m speechless.

If you look at the program, I’m slotted to speak on Ruby on Rails alongside RoR evangelist and master coder Kamal.

I’m not a RoR coder.DSCN9747 He is. Just look at him.

I took this picture just now as he sat around the large-ish hotel room.

We were just chilling, mind you. No hanky panky. He’s married with a kid, and he is not my type.

I prefer Slippery Senioritas haha! I’m kidding – FYI it’s actually a clean club from what I heard, not some dodgy place.

But being lost in Penang, I admit, is not about Slippery Senioritas.

Its on a way deeper level, yet just as petty as any other human worry. It’s about doing a “system reset” on myself… and deciding exactly where to put my chips on this year. Where to place my bets.

Coz I wanna really make something huge happen.

I haven’t decided yet, but I’ve already spoken to the MindValley guys. I might be moving on this year to do my own thing.

Well see.

Until then, I’m lost in Penang.

The Way A Business Should Be

What happens when you form a partnership between

  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Media
  • And society?

I’d like to think you’ve got a brilliant business model. Especially when many conventional businesses tend to think only for themselves.

Easier said than done?

According to Tim Harford, author of The Undercover Economist, Web2.0 businesses aren’t the only ones pulling this off…  read his article, How Facebook Is Like Ikea

Finally… The Full Version of Bunch Out now open in 6 cities…

OK you know I’ve been working on this baby way too long. Finally the full version is out and about.

Here’s the Kuala Lumpur version.

What other cities? Here’s the list.

Personally, I’m really excited to create this… apart from “being ourselves” – we take on different social lives when we are with different groups of our friends. And now we have a way to easily find a new circle of friends in your city to you know, meet up and do stuff.

Yeah, if you’re wondering, this is sort of like a dating classifieds.

But only for groups to meet groups, and you don’t really need to date, or get laid. You can like, play Scrabble or football or just go out and talk, you know. You horndog. Is that all you think about? ;p

From the blogger’s media kit

“Bunch Out” lists all the interesting social circles in your city. Browse listings to discover who they are, and arrange to go out in a group!

Yeah che-che-che-che-che-check it out!

Bunch Out!

Irrationality as a strategy

In day-to-day contexts, I notice negotiation, persuasion, and strategy has so much more to do with emotions, and not as much to do with logic and reason.

And I thought humans were “rational”.

I had to learn this the hard way, losing badly in board games like Risk, Imperial, Monopoly, and mafia 🙁

In the future, I will “act irrationally” as a strategy!

Let experimental psychologist Stephen Pinker explain to you how this could be beneficial to you, in his video, “Do hotheads always win?”

The Big Think site reminds me of TED btw, but snappier.

Confessions I have to make

Lately, a few write-ups and incidents have left me feeling somewhat ahead of myself. Pretentious. I’m not suggesting that the recent publicity/ newspaper write-ups etc have been misleading. Not at all…

You see, I am a small fry gunning for big dreams.

IMG_m1363Not some big shot.

However, due to the unconventional fashion of “my work”, it is pretty easy for anyone to reach a conclusion far off from the truth. Either I’m doing a lot of great things, or just a lot of crap ;P

Do I care about what people think?

Confession #1

Yes, of course I do. And I should.

This year, the Malaysian media will play a big part in my projects, and it would make me even more uncomfortable if my story gets exaggerated, or misrepresented in any way.

Along these lines, I’ve observed, first-hand, how “putting your best foot forward” can sometimes lead to “crossing the line”.

Hence, I want to do my part to come clean with myself, and what I do.

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My Recent Speech at theStar Education Fair

UPDATE: If, for some reason you’re interested in me speaking in the first place, I’m speaking at Youth 08 on the 19th January, about prototyping your ideas and the internet. It will be very different from this speech.


The session had already started when I arrived.


Racecar driver Alex Yoong was already on stage, sharing some interesting ideas about alternative, possibly higher paying, more fulfilling career options involving your “being good with your hands”.

NTV7 Breakfast Show host, Jessica Teng spoke next about broadcast journalism and her lifestyle.

Then, it was my turn.


Before I tell you about what really happened to me, there is a background story to why I was invited in the first place.

imageIt was theStar Education Fair 2008.

It happens every year, and its a whopper of sorts, attracting thousands of eager parents and children, shopping for their destiny.

They had career talks and such throughout the day, and the 3 of us were invited to speak on “University and working: Personal experiences”.

I was not entirely sure why I was invited, but I’m guess it was because theStar had written about me a couple of times, and they knew how much I loved infecting young minds with some crazy ideas on a Saturday morning 😉

Okay so maybe they didn’t know that. But it’s true. I love working with young-ish peeps like moi.

Anyhoo – my audience today were maybe a hundred over high school students, some college kids, and their parents.

We were in an overly formal setting, which tamed my usual animated character, but that didn’t stop me from being a beast.

I was swift… but reminded myself not to talk too fast…


After my 10 minutes of anarchy, the deed was done. I know 90% of the crowd must have disagreed with some of my points, but I have always looked out for the misfits who were going YES YES YES.

Misfits aside, I was approached by students and parents, many of them had good questions. Such as this young lad the name of Aaron who may grow up to be doctor.


What did I talk about?

Here is the full script…

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