Month: November 2007

Textures and patterns make me happy

Do you like the background image of this blog? Do you notice the detail in the diagonal lines? The imperfections in its form? I do.

Sometimes, for the fun of it, I design patterns and textures for web use. Hours of fun.

I mean, look how as standalone images they join together to look like something else. Where else can you find such beauty. Here are a few sites I go back to look at once in a while to get my kicks.

When you're talked about as though you're not there ;)

A random stranger blogged about me recently as though I wouldn’t know about it. But I’ve got Google alerts set up, you see.

The moment she hit “publish” on her blog, Google sent me an email about:

She wasn’t bitching about me or anything. If anything it’s on the positive side. But I found it so interesting. As I was reading it, I felt like

  • I was a strange side character in an episode from someone else’s life story.
  • An unlikely window opened into the story of my life.

I never expected my random conversation in social contexts could affect someone in that way.

Why did she have to use my full name anyway. Did she secretly want me to read that? If so, I guess using just “Khailee” is also fine (I have Google Alerts set up for everything I do or work on).

I decided not to leave a comment, or let her know I stumbled upon her blog. It would steal the honestly away from her journal.

And if she ends up reading about THIS blog post of mine about her, that’ll be pretty funny…

On a related note, a friend once complained that she felt her privacy was invaded by cameraphone wielding bloggers and the internet.

I’d like to think it can be a good thing…

Knowing that your antics can be easily recorded and shared across the world (in a matter of moments via a facebook photo tag?) would make you less likely to do things you don’t want people to know about.

As much as the internet gives you avenues for social anonymity, it seems social accountability is part of the package.

How to live your life like Chuck Norris.

The chief export of Chuck Norris is Pain. He also created the martial art Chun Kuk Do. Like many other martial arts Chun Kuk Do includes a code of honor and rules to live by…

These rules are from Chuck Norris’ personal code.

If you want to be like him, you know what to do.

For the record, any resemblance between my profile cartoon and Chuck Norris is purely coincidental. And I’m not really interested in being like him, either. But it raises a question… let’s say you don’t want to be like him. You’re quite comfortable being yourself…

What would your personal code be?

Sudden Escape Into Chiling Waterfalls

I usually leap outside my comfort zone by choice. Sometimes, I get dragged along.

Last year, my high school buddies dragged me off-track into leech infested areas of a shallow jungle.

This year, the same culprits chose some other jungle.

During the monsoon season.

Accidents have happened here, due to flash-flooding. Don’t make this trip in adverse weather conditions. The river will become impassable when the water level is too high.

Waterfalls of Malaysia

Being quite acquainted with the great outdoors, and in need of a break from the cityscape, I said yes.

Arriving on location with stormy clouds, I said no.

But there was no turning back.

Or at least, my 2 buddies was interested in driving an hour and a half back to the city without a glimpse of the 3 great waterfalls in Kuala Kubu Bharu’s Chiling River.

This post will contain some pictures, and later some instructions for you to head there, to see things for yourself.

The first set of pictures show you what you’ll see 10 minutes away from the entrance to the trek.

A really beautiful dam / lake thing.

See the menacing clouds I spoke of? Evidence. The clouds got clumpier later on, like fat diapers in the sky, waiting to explode.

Me in my “jungle look”. On the right of the photo is Wen Shan, with his normal look.

Alex was secretly taking pictures of us… As we stood by the lake, staring into our own reflections…

No, I’m kidding. We didn’t go that deep.

In fact, I remember being half asleep at the time.

Don’t ask me how I drove there.

From the lake we moved into the jungle.

We were too busy running in the jungle to take any photos.

My friends get their kicks from running in the jungle. As though being chased by predators. Escaping cannibals. That kind of running.

After all, we were prepared with the best equipment.

    Good thing no one else was in the jungle at the time, or we would be forced to slay them.

    I guess everyone else thought it was going to rain. So my two friends ran ahead, uninterrupted. I followed because I didn’t want to be alone leave them alone.

    We ran and eventually, we took a break.

    Wise men say….


    You should always stop and smell the fishies.

    And eat some fishies.

      And find treasure in the river.


      And leap into the river.

      (Pictured at the upper left corner is Wen Shan jumping from one 1/2 stories above the water.)

      As I watched them do their daredevil stunts, I wondered if it was already raining further up the mountain. I tried to be a bit more positive, and think about clear weather instead.

      Pictured above: Wen Shan and Alex… the daredevils.

      Me clamoring to be part of the photo. Damn camera timer…

      Finally, got it.

      And just when I thought the trip was getting cozy and comfy, they decided that running the trek was not fun enough. So, after the waterfalls….

      … we ended up running down the entire river.

      It was hard to take photos while keeping balancing between wading, leaping, treading and risking a bad slip. All of us slipped at least twice, and we could’ve sprained an ankle or broke a skull. Some parts of the river were so dangerous, we went on land for a bit.

      In retrospect, it was a very stupid risk to take.

      But I admit.

      By that time, I was sick of being the nagging aunt.

      I was sick of fearing rain. And some part of me wanted to FEEL something else… something I felt when I was 10 years old, with my bicycle accelerating downhill in the Endau Rompin jungle.

      I wanted to feel free.

      Free from all the caution and care and worry in our haste to preserve comfort, to preserve our “survival”.

      Free from worst-case scenarios and negative imagination.

      Free enough to just enjoy the moment as it happens… to enjoy my wet, cold feet landing on the next stone. The security and confidence I have with that step. And the excitement, as it brings me forward down a river of unknown detours.

      Considering I enjoy the same confidence I have with other decisions in my life, and the excitement as it brings me forward into the unknown… I should just run down the river and enjoy it.

      And I did.


      The drive home was a quiet one.

      Again, not because we were still waist deep in personal reflection. We were catching up on lost sleep. Good thing my imagination and sense of duty as the driver of the vehicle kept me awake.

      I drove all the way home, and it still didn’t rain, as much as my cloud interpretation told me. Drizzle maybe, but not rain.

      Kuala Kubu Bharu’s Chiling Waterfalls turned out VERY comfortable and rewarding.

      • No leeches.
      • Easy path you can follow on your own.
      • Loads of scenery given the short hour+ trek.
      • Deep personal satisfaction, and a small lesson learnt.

      I recommend going for it.

      You can bring yourself there with Googled info, and these links.

      The whole trek isn’t difficult at all, as ru
      nning down the river during monsoon season is optional.

      If you have questions about the trip there, do email the bloggers above hahaha im kidding.

      Leave a comment if you like.

      Every Halloween Costume @ Laundrybar

      You have no idea how I love dressing up, being in character, or dancing like no one is watching…

      Last night I did all of the above ;p

      That’s not big news though. The shocker = so many people in Klang Valley are just like me!

      And they all came out to haunt Laundrybar… fully decked out in Halloween outfits – and turned Laundrybar into dance floor last night… hot hot hot!

      Here’s proof.

      Let’s start with best dressed for the night…. Freddie Krueger!

      And the runner up (a personal fave of mine)… the TV set! Pictured here with his HongKong rapist friend.

      Mind you, I am the bearded werewolf boy in all the pictures. The rapist is on the right of the photo.

      Here is another version of the rapist outfit. But this guy didn’t have money for the mask.

      You will also notice Crystal the vampire schoolgirl and YuRi “The Crow” in all the photos too. We werewolf types hunt in packs…

      And we met more noteworthy costumes, and moments worth mentioning, including…

      The mummy! And the face at the back of that dude’s head! OoooOOooooOOoOoh…!!

      Darth maul’s bitch! and Popeye! Aaaaargh! Hoooaargh!!!

      Some classics.


      I was filled with envy when the gorilla showed up. My secret dream is to run amok in a gorilla outfit…

      I admit I wasn’t pleased knowing someone else had more hair…

      I was going to knock the gorilla out cold, tie the fella up in my boot, and then assume its identity and party all night long.

      Instead, I visited Scarlet (a new club at Cineleisure, which is nearby).

      My friends at Scarlet did NOT recognize me at all.

      Neither were they dressed up.

      So YuRi, Crystal and I went back to Laundry. Check out the staff at Laundry!

      Looks kinda similar after a while eh.


      LaundryBar’s Manager was different, though. He was dressed as “The Manager”. OooOOooOoOoOOooo!!!!

      Another staff member. Always happy to serve you drinks.

      Heck I’m not sure if this guy works at Laundry… fugly mask…


      Then there were girls dressed up as good-looking girls. Incidentally some were amongst my brother’s ex-girlfriends.

      I met a new bunch of people. Very friendly. Usually I get the vibe that Klang Valley yuppie types can be very clique-ish but they were cool.


      Claudine, in green hair accused me of being dressed as Osama haha.

      They called themselves “Halloween Whores”. I’m guessing it’s only a one night stand.

      Perhaps Hani is also offering the same deal.

      Man, I had so much fun. I’ve another Halloween party on Saturday, I might wear my beard on my chest instead and go as a bear. Or David Hasselhoff. We’ll see.

      Thanks YuRi for all the photos! And leaving shredded pants lint all over my house.

      YuRi is now a self-employed m
      usic producer / composer extraoridaire… He’s teamed up with other award-winning designers, filmmakers, and creative-types to define the creative scene.

      What this means, is I freeload his air-con in his pimped out, professional studio in Mont Kiara. (While his website is being set up, Contact him for more info on what he can do for you).

      And thanks Crystal as well – my fave party companion! We’ve been out dancing a total of 4 times since last Wednesday. I have never done this before. I usually watch TED videos at home. All this is your fault.

      It was a great night.

      I used to think KL was kinda lame – but really, KL is a great place to be with the right people and at the right places. And the scene here is definitely heating up!

      Especially the social scene… more on that when my new web application is released! Hohoho!

      Like my costume? Compared to my Optimus Prime outfit. Or my “Gangsta” wear.

      REVEALED! It’s a bunch of RM4.90 hair extensions plastered on me with masking tape. How uncreative haha

      Can’t wait till we have an “in character” party where not only you dress up, you BECOME someone else the entire night. If I threw such a party would you come?

      People tell me they would play along but sometimes I’m skeptical.. hmm…

      Till next time!

      Have a great year my friends.