Month: October 2007

My Latest Project: Launching by end of week

Update! We’re looking at early next week for the launch. I’ll have to squeeze something extra in over the weekend…

My greatest idea yet!

Or so I hope so… Great because it’s simple, easy to execute, and has a lot of potential to help people and *ahem* reward me financially.

I’ve been thinking about it since mid year.

Been working on it for a month. If this idea takes off, it’ll be a business its my own. I’m the founder, with MindValley (who is funding and developing it) taking a stake in it.

Here is an early sketch :p

I’d love to talk about it now, but I’d rather you see it without my salesmanship’s influence.

One big hint, it’s a web application!

Leave a comment if you want me to email you when it’s LIVE – so you can be the first to take it for a test drive 🙂

The Ugly Side of Perfection

A perfection of means, and confusion of aims, seems to be our main problem.

~ Albert Einstein

While the desire to make sure something is done “right” is generally a good thing, at some point, an extreme point, it can also be detrimental not only to yourself, but to people who depend on you.

“Perfection” is when you sufficiently meet the objectives of a task at hand.

Not when you spend extra hours on a 1% improvement at the expense of yourself or others.

So how do you know you’re going too far?

Have you ever called yourself a perfectionist?

Then you must read “How to break the perfection habit”.

It helps us re-think “perfection” in a more useful manner.

Found this through Prashant, who apparently has loosened up a little.

MindValley Launches SocialRank

It’s almost midnight, and I’m at the office, sweating slightly.

No, I’m not hacking another pair of shoes.

It’s just that the building turns off it’s air-con at some point, and I’m the kinda guy who breaks a sweat. What can I say.

But I’m breakin’ it for good reason.

The MindValley gang and myself have been rushing this baby to market, and now we have it.


In simple terms, it’s an algorithm which can tell you if one blog post is more popular than another.

We invented it, and we’re using it to launch 1,000 websites focused on telling you what are the popular blog posts for any given interest area.

See the first 30 sites powered by SocialRank.

A good example is

You can instantly see which Malaysian blog posts are getting the most attention at any given moment.

Now you don’t have to look at the thousands of Malaysian blogs out there to know what people are paying attention to.

Learn more about the magical math behind the SocialRank algorithm, the DailyVoices mission, and a related article on Malaysian Blog Aggregators I wrote.

UPDATE: See what other bloggers are saying about SocialRank