Month: August 2007

Things I've always wanted to blog about, but never did… and why

  • Marketing strategy
    I always felt a more focused blog on this makes more sense
  • Personal development
    I love improving my life and person, and I like sharing what I learn… but I personally feel wierd advising people unless I really am asked to…
  • Love, sex and social interactions
    So many cool stories here, and observations to share, but I’m choosing to keep them away from public for now…
  • Design theory
    Gah! I think about this so often – like the design of everyday things, mostly music, art, web, user experience, organizations, processes, memes…
  • Hairstyling
    People either think I’m very vain, or very gay. Not that blogging about hairstyling will change that, but I prefer to focus my attention on my personal goals, and as much as I’d love to blog more about the art form of hairstyling, I might focus my attention more on getting more important work done, first.
  • The fun I have every day at work
    Sometimes people just can’t stop talking about work, or bragging about their awesome jobs, and I’m almost one of them, so this is where I stop.

But I’ll be re-designing my blog soon, and making some choices on which areas I will focus my life on, and the topics I choose to write about will change…


God's Debris by Scott Adams

I’m so excited!

I’ve long admired Scott Adam’s (author of dilbert) way of communicating refreshing ideas in the funniest of ways. Love his blog.

Some so-called smart people enjoy being incomprehensible, but he is one of the most accessible smart people on planet earth…. funny as hell, too.

And when he explains the theory of god, the universe, and everything, I’m game.

I haven’t read the book but i’m downloading as i type this. Get a copy here


Imagine that you meet a very old man who—you eventually realize—knows literally everything. Imagine that he explains for you the great mysteries of life—quantum physics, evolution, God, gravity, light, psychic phenomenon, and probability—in a way so simple, so novel, and so compelling that it all fits together and makes perfect sense.

What does it feel like to suddenly understand everything?

God’s Debris isn’t the final answer to the Big Questions. But it might be the most compelling vision of reality you will ever read.

The thought experiment is this: Try to figure out what’s wrong with the old man’s explanation of reality. Share the book with your smart friends then discuss it later while enjoying a beverage.

If you’ve read it, tell me what you think! If you haven’t here is is, for free

Redeeming myself by running on the highway

I had to put haunting memories of my past defeat in the BHP 9km run to sleep, once and for all.

And the Adidas King of The Road was my chance to prove it to myself.

I ran this twice when I was a teenager. This year, they closed down the New Pantai Expressway (NPE) highway so we can impersonate motor vehicles. I almost considered the half marathon category (21km), but chose 10km instead.

Here’s a pic of me after the run, making it look easy.

But it wasn’t as easy. I’m not the teenage mutant ninja runner I used to be.

Unlike my disasterous 9km run earlier in the year, I kept a consistent pace all the way with this run.

And in the last 2km, I sprinted with a random ah beng. We ran side by side, panting consistently, exchanging fierce glances every now and then.

But ministry of feng tau got the best of me. Maybe he was on E’s. I remembered crawling in exhaustion with the finish line in sight, as he shuffled ahead.

Nevertheless, the consistent pace and sudden competitive forces helped me finish the Adidas King of The Road 10km under 40 minutes, which isn’t bad, for my personal tortoise standards.

And I my body wasn’t disabled after the run, either.

Nadiah and Effa weren’t too slow themselves. They finished under an hour. Guess those random evening jogs made a difference.

All this was nothing compared to the hardcore runners, of course, but I’m happy to go forward at my own pace… till the next run!

Optimus Prime Crashes Costume Party

The party was thrown for David (pictured below as Sagat), who has returned to London. He sat opposite me at work for a good few months. Will miss the guy and his puns.

It was a costume party themed “Superheroes or Movie Characters”… and I’m lucky enough to have Swen design my costume… she was magic!

Other people had interesting costumes too.

Yes, those are sink caps as my Optimus Prime ovaries.

But I soon transformed.


The costume fell apart, and later in the night, Nika (pictured left) tripped over it and hurt her knee.

This is how I make women fall for me haha.

Know a friend who is between studies? Fresh grad? Very curious?

Tell them about this somewhat different internship…. open to 2 somewhat different people.

Why different?

Consider this

  • You’ll work alongside an elite team of thinkers from 10 different countries in an American company based in KL Sentral.
  • Your work involves the next evolution of blogs, unraveling internet culture, and a mathematical algorithm code-named “SocialRank”.
  • Together, you’ll create a network of 1,000 influential media sites, powered by this algorithm.
  • You’ll be mentored by Mike Reining, eBay’s former Head of New Venture Strategy, Stanford MBA, who helped eBay acquire Skype for $4.1 Billion

At this point you might be wondering what you might be doing… (And if you’re wondering, that’s good. If you’re curious by nature, and interested in people, and the internet, you’ll find this opportunity twice as rewarding)

Your typical day involves

  • Investigating what people are interested in / passionate about
  • Identifying blogs which cater to those interests
  • Going into our soundproof room of whiteboard walls as part of every relevant discussion and brainstorm

Will you occasionally get friendly with a photocopier machine? No. This is a somewhat different internship, remember? Heck, we don’t even use paper.

So what will you gain?

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