Month: February 2007

This Thursday Bazooka Traffic Light Single's Party

bazooka february gig flyer


  • DRESS IN GREEN = I’m available. It’s quite straightforward. Go for it.
  • DRESS IN ORANGE = Hurry up! Faster! Time is running out!
  • DRESS IN RED = Break the rules… wink
  • DRESS IN PURPLE = I’m “Grimace”, from McDonald’s, not Barney, or Brinjaw.

Project Bazooka
, LaundryBar, and media partner Junk Magazine
present a solid line up of local bands….!!

Which bands, you ask, oh gentle creature?

Here is a sweet poem for you, my media-brainwashed dumpling….

Hark! Love and loneliness are both BITTERSWEET,
Alcohol, I beg you summon my LIGHTCRAFT,
so I may elope with sexy people in KLUK KLUK ADVENTURE

Wasn’t that profound and heartfelt. Like some haiku shit. The band’s names were in it, too! Send THAT to your loved ones. Hah!

Vday sucks.

Seeya at the afterparty.

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Malaysians & Web2.0

I gave up explaining to people what I do for a living.

Next time, I’ll just forward them this video. It’s a presentation by the Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Kansas State U on how the internet is evolving.

For some of us, Web2.0 can be an ugly, overused buzzword. For most Malaysians, it’s a question mark.

When I say I work in an internet startup from the Silicon Valley, they think I do either web hosting or web design.

And that’s okay. If all Malaysians were well acquainted with the hype surrounding web2.0, they’de assume I’m doing cliche overhyped wannabe stuff hahaha

But seriously. The internet rocks.

After all these years, I can only get more excited about the changes in the internet which are happening this moment… how man and machine is evolving. How collective intelligence is being collected, disseminated and organized. etc

And I really believe in the work I do with BlinkList.

Apart from my colleagues, are there any other Malaysians involved in web2.0 projects? Let me blog about you please!

How Did The Single Mingle Night Go?

I was crouched in the backseat of my car praying.

Ok maybe I wasn’t praying, but I was bending over backwards looking for the shirt I chose to wear for the night.

In an hour’s time I would be thrown into a room with 50 women to approach, and I forgot to bring my skull shirt… Grr….

I did however, bring a backup outfit which made me look like almost corporate. I didn’t particularly like it much, I felt dressed up as somedoby else. But it would do.

It didn’t matter, coz the rest of the night was damn good.

I had so much fun speaking to everyone. Made a few friends I can call out some night else. Managed to choose 3 decent girls for Yu-Ri, too. (click to read why).

I didn’t discriminate. I spoke to everyone, including the reporters, the organizers, the camera-women who took these polaroid shots…

There were all kinds of women! I was expecting ego bloated celebrities and such but there wasn’t any.

Some were looking for husbands. Some could handle jokes and teasing well. One or two of them stood out as confident and funny. Others were more reserved.

All of them were real, Klang Valley women, who were keen to meet other, real, Klang Valley men.

We need more nights like this, and more speed dating, dating parties etc for the “Oh I’m so busy/ stuck up/ shy/ tired” city folk.

City life can get really cold and isolated.

Especially when you career is your everyday focus. You can walk the same streets as hundreds of people, share the same building, but never meet any of them, or share a laugh.

I Have To Chat Up 50 Women in 2 Hours

How sudden! This will be the ultimate challenge for my manhood! Gosh.. it’s going to be so fun, I’m almost afraid. 

You see, there’s this Valentine’s Day 50 hot single males and females blind date matchup thingy goin down, and Yu-Ri is one of em.

What has this got to do with me?

This is part of a sneaky setup by Martell VSOP where each chosen male (eg. Yu-Ri) will have to elect a “proxy” to attend a 2 hour cocktail party at The Regent, at Bukit Bintang. The “proxy” is supposed to meet these 50 hot women and nominate 3 lucky ladies for his man… 

I suppose it can get even more sexist. Like, make all the women cook and wash dishes just for laughs. It’s all good fun.

Here’s where the game gets tricky.

I am Yu-Ri’s “proxy”, and there will be other “proxies” representing the other 49 males. And we will bear-wrestle to get to know the damsels…

So what am I gonna do about it?

Here are my objectives
  • Make loads of friends I can hang out and go party with later on.
  • Choose the 3 most suited for Yu-Ri.
Here are my suspicions:
  • I may get to only HALF of all the ladies, to give me roughly 5 minutes with each lady.
  • The ladies will group up form mini-cliques, unless a guy isolates them.
  • The very physically attractive ladies will be swallowed by interrogative men.
  • There will be plenty of shy proxies, who may stand around staring, looking like sleaze balls.
What are my strategic options?
  • Team up with a bunch of other proxies. 3-5 of us will hunt in packs, and intercept others. I may choose to group with some shy guys to accentuate my alpha male-ness.
  • I can pick one or two witty dudes and ride with them.. unstoppable!
  • Go lone wolf like a friggin pervy sleaze ball
Based on the above, here is my plan.

I might be the youngest person there, so I’ll have to tone down my high-octane energy levels, and speak slower for the old folks. I’ll chill out and be flexible, and go with the flow… but armed to the teeth with

  • Some teasing insults. This is to test if they have a sense of humor.
  • The question: “Why were you chosen for this?”. This is to test if they have the confidence (or sense of humor) to give a good answer.
  • The attitude to just go out there and have fun! I’m very excited about this, coz it’s like a game of some sort. Can’t wait!

Will let you know how it goes after Wednesday night…. 😉

Wish me Yu-Ri luck! =P

An evil viral marketing campaign

Staring at the computer screen for too long?

“You will go blind!”

“You back will ache!”

“You can get carpel tunnel syndrome!” (whatever that is)

And you have a gajillion dollar industry of :ergonomic” office chairs, keyboards, accessories, pillows, screens, academics…

Fear is a great motivator to buy something. Call it the health industry if you want, I have no preference. But I do have 1 question for you.

Will more & more people be required to use computers in the near future? For longer hours… for work, study, and looking like you’re working or studying?

Yes! Trust me, I predict the future accurately half the time.

And based on this obvious, exploding trend in more people having to spend more time on the computer… let’s pretend for a second, I am an unethical marketer, who is so EVIL and smelly.

This might be a difficult exercise, but just pretend, ok… And I will share with you how easily, viral marketing concepts can be applied to very quickly, rip-off a whole generation of computer users. Continue reading