Month: December 2006

Malaysian Jungle Mayhem

I knew I wanted to get out of the comforts of city life, but almost falling into a river? Climbing over barb wire fences? A wrong step off track left us removing leeches every 10 footsteps.

See Alex get into some kinky trouble! Watch this video (35 seconds), as Wen saves his ass, literally.

Wen’s shoes eventually gave way… the soles came off… probably bitten off by the leeches.

It was supposed to be a casual stroll amongst the trees! The Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) is a light and easy trek.

But Heavy rains + tropical jungles = Unclear paths + toppled trees + billions of leeches.

My hairy ankles didn’t help. Damn leeches. I’m fine with a bit of blood donation, as long as they don’t crawl into my crotch…

But we survive.

Only to kill ourselves again.

I don’t smoke! But I still have to breathe =(
My jungle crew were kind enough not to smoke near the taichi / qi gong / yoga / dragonball / levitation practising old folk. They may have gotten their ass kicked by energy waves.

For me, this is enough greenery for now.
I’m back in the city, where reality bites harder than leeches.

Happy New Year

My Christmas With James Brown

In the wee hours of Christmas morning, in a dingy smoke-filled karaoke room in SS2… I was prancing, and kicking, while delivering “I Feel Good (I got you)” a la James Brown. I thought I did a pretty good job. My drunk friends were dancing along.

Little did I know, the real James Brown was on a hospital bed in Augusta, drawing his dying breath. See the full story here.

How many other kooky Asian kids were acting like James Brown at the time of his death? I was shocked when I heard the news the next day. This is the very first time I attempted James Brown in karaoke. Usually I go for Meatloaf. Hmm let me Google to see if Meatloaf is okay.

I will think of James Brown now and again, as he pops up on my office iPod playlist too often. Although I didn’t know him personally, or pay RM400 to see him when he came down to Kuala Lumpur last year, he sure is a cool dude.

“What we do in life echoes in eternity.” (That was the tagline for Gladiator, one of my fave movies)

On a related note, I remember when Peter Drucker passed, I blogged about that, too.

The Bazooka That Never Took Aim

The music was loud enough.

Cymbals were still crashing in my ears. After I shut the car door, there was only silence. And smoke.

I’m covered in it as I drive home. Smoke in my hair. Smoke in my clothes. Smoke in my eyeballs…

Another month, another ProjectBazooka gig at Laundry, where YuRi and I get 3 local bands to take the stage.

A year, press coverage, and 8 gigs later… we’re still mucking around with our Bazookas, thinking we can ”help the music scene”. Have we done any good? Why do I spend my free time working on Bazooka in the first place? What the hell is Project Bazooka supposed to be?

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and something tells me the ideas we’ve tried out, and the lessons we learnt, is only the beginning.

Will be writing more about this over the Christmas weekend…

I Just Got Back From HipHop Dance Class?

It’s true. I love dancing! I admit! Although I don’t listen to hip hop, I’ll be the first to say post-rock isn’t very fun to dance to.

You know what’s really fun? Seeing me dance. I am mildly retarded when it comes to dance.

Am I just being modest?
When the dance teacher pretends to go adjust the radio to cloud his laughter, you have to face the truth. I am more than one step behind.

I remember trying out my first hip-hop dance class in San Francisco. Michiko (my housemate then) who’s in a professional dance group, told me I would enjoy it. I did, because it got so bad, so absurd, it became funny. I hid in my cupboard for 5 days, um, laughing.

The sections of my brain needed (to observe dance moves, rememeber them, and imitate them) have refused to speak to each other since.

So why am I looking for more torture?

You see, I am convinced that I can re-program, and re-map my brain in any way I want to. Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame) did it. So can I.

I’m pretty sure I can wrap my brain (and this time, my body) around this challenge, and become such a naturally good dancer, you would think I have been dancing before I could walk. And it would not because I walked really badly.

I’ll be in Uptown 730pm next Monday to prove it, so if you want to come laugh at me, or even join the class, it’s only RM60 for 4 X 90 minute long lessons. That’s RM5 an hour to look damn good in clubs.

The classes are held in PJ, Uptown at Akar Karya, taught by an old friend named Derrick. He trained hard in Melbourne with a dance group, and is really patient, and gives personal attention.

I will tell you his story another day. For now, contact me, and come try the class! While I find myself a baggier pair of pants…

Kinabalu Dog Desktop Background!

Kinabalu Dog

We met, 2 months ago in Sabah, East Malaysia. It was a Sunday.

I don’t know her name. I don’t even know if she is still alive.

All I have is the memory of her yawning, starving, itchy-looking, nipple-exposing self… artificially immortalized on an LCD screen really close to my heart.

Feel free to use this picture as your desktop background!