Month: November 2006

Malaysian Citizen Journos Go Global

The controversial ex-Deputy Prime Minister of M’sia, Anwar Ibrahim presented a thought provoking speech at Stanford recently, which most Malaysians don’t even know about.

I guess the local press didn’t exactly shout about it…

But here’s to some young Malaysians across the world. Using the internet and basic software, they captured the essence of the speech, presenting it in a bite-sized, attractive package.

Perfect for attention-deficit younger Malaysians to chew on (sure beats reading =P)

Click here to see it!

We all know young Malaysians aren’t too crazy about traditional mediums (like newspapers). So how else do we engage Malaysian youth in issues that affect them?

It’s efforts like this which give me hope.

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What’s so great about Mount Kinabalu?

After climbing it last month… let me tell you what I think!

I won’t bore you with details of how I wrestled with albino mountain tigers, or how I seduced village women to show me the “jungle-style”.

I will skip straight to the goodstuff, including a video of me dancing on the top of Mt Kinabalu.

I was up there~!!

DISCLAIMER: For those who think goodstuff means factual stuff, click here for Wikipedia, or, if it means chronological detail of going all the way up and down a large rock, click here for someone else’s account.

I’m just going to paint the picture the way I remembered it.

Blotchy, random, and not so accurate.

But first, I’ll need to introduce some characters for context….

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My Random Appearance in Indonesia

A brown envelope arrived today, containing a page from a magazine. A picture of me, beside some Indonesian language~!


It’s an excerpt from an interview by Renny, my Indonesian friend, for a youth magazine she writes for.

You can click on the image to zoom in. But don’t bother, it’s me stating the obvious… “Do your own homework to get to know the course / direction you want to study, before you make a decision”.

What good advice!

It’s like, “Take off your pants before you take a dump!”, but not as widely practiced, I guess.

Argh! Malfunction during my song

*Phew* just got back from Bar Liquid, one of KL’s notorious gay bars, where Jaz was staging Doppelganger, a lurrvely open mic event where random anybodys rock up and sing, play, read poetry, n stuff.

A few of my friends came, including Vishen, my boss. Good thing no one else came, because I sort of bombed.

Besides my blotchy work on a borrowed guitar (thanks Estrella!), midway during my 2nd song, somehow, my huge tit moved some levels on the guitar, and the sound started buzzing, like some grizzly offbeat distortion.

So I stopped my song midway, and didn’t know what to do. The crowd asked me to play on, and so I did, to their horror hahahaha

Oh well, my past 2 gigs have been pretty awesome, I guess tonight just isn’t my night. I will be practising pretty hard for the next time.

A side note, I was at a Japanese Rock gig at Serdang the night before to see a friend play… people actually dressed up for the part. I sensed a bit of Cosplay kinda thing going on.

J-rock gig at Serdang

I wish I took pictures of some of the neo-tokyo punks, but I didn’t wat to get stabbed by their accessories.

There so much “fringe” to the underground music scene, it sure is exciting~!