Month: September 2006

Pronunciation is not my For-tay?

I live alone. And I know when you let fear in, it will consume you. So my balls get put to the test often enough, especially after a 6 hour conversation about ghostly experiences.

It was over dinner and supper with James and Mei. We talked about other stuff too, like religion, lifestyles, and love… which can be even scarier.

Then we debated a bit… when describing your ‘strong points’ is the word forte pronounced as fort, or for-tay?

Click here, and here to see what I found off Google…

There is no pronunciation of forte ‘strong point’ that is etymologically acceptable, so it comes down to a question of choosing which error you want to go with. FORT is favored by the more conservative, but is much less familiar; FOR-tay is far more common but is thought to be wrong by people who bother expressing opinions on such matters. The choice is yours.

To think we’de get at least one clear answer tonight..!

Let’s Go Watch Freedom Film Fest~!!

Freedom.Film.Fest.2006 @ Taylor’s College Subang Jaya
Sept 29 – Oct 1 (next week!)

It’s a 3-day film fest featuring documentaries from local & foreign filmmakers, many of which touch on social issues that plague our society.

Free event. Just email to get your invites or turn up on the day and get it there!!

See or call Effa 016 653 1167 for more details.

Coincidentally I met a cool guy named Roy at the GE – McKinsey workshop, and it turns out, he directed a film which will be screened there.

By the way, the workshop was pretty cool. I enjoyed McKinsey’s approach to problem solving very much. Above is a photo of me standing between two attractive women.

Anyways, let me know if any of you wants to go catch the FFF ok.

The Quiet Weekend Ahead

I just got back from yet another ProjectBazooka gig at Laundrybar… Yu-Ri and I sat with Pete Teo till 2am talking about local music.

A lot of what Pete Teo shared with us confirmed our philosophy and approach to what we do. But I’m a little bit tired for that right now. While all my side projects, work at MindValley, and my social life is getting very exciting… I know I need a break when I forget what month it is.

This weekend is my break. I will do all those things I always wanted to do… like draw comics, compile my thoughts in writing, take semi-conscious naps… coz the weeks ahead ain’t slowing down, not yet…

Whoop Whoop 3 Huge Bands at Laundry!

ProjectBazooka is at it again, with our 5th installment of live local music. Jamming it into your ears! One Buck Short, Telebury, and Single Track Mind. FREE GIG. yes. Thursday (tomorrow) 9pm+ at LaundryBar.

I can’t believe it’s been 5 gigs so far. Just a recap… we have had Flatline, DejaVoodooSpells, BrokenScar, Curtis Blues Review, Couple, The Sofa Sessions, Rhapsody, Tempered Mental… and we’ve bands booked till December…

Besides gigs, there’s a whole lot in the pipeline for ProjectBazooka! Will talk about it soon. But as I speak, the damn website is down again. Grr…

To the Initiated Taylor’s College Students

Thanks for the engaging session today! I can tell you, I really enjoyed the conversations we shared, and hope to continue our exploration here.

Any constructive feedback for me? This is the first time I’ve ever been paid to speak. Did you learn something you can use to win the Taylor’s Business School Business Plan Competition (and the RM3,000 cash)?!

As promised, you can click here for the list of relevant links.

And read on for a summary of the seminar. Please leave comments and questions! Or, you can email your abuse to Samuel. haha

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Troubaganger = Heroes

I was almost slightly maybe sad, leaving LaBodega KL tonight. It was the last of many open mic singer-songwriter events held there.

Why? The venue will be transformed into a steamboat restaurant in 2 weeks.

Sei Hon, Jaz, Jerome, and Azmyl have been organising these gigs for over a year now… see “”:

My first, ever public performance was in their show… They gave me a space, support, and a safe environment for me to discover music, including my own.

Their service to the local scene cannot be quantified. The exposure and energy for the performers who play there… artiste development, tieing up the “scene”… They are Malaysian music heroes!

Many singer-songwriters and musicians in the KL urban scene share this sentiment.

Moving on, anyone knows where Troubaganger Open Mic gigs can find a new home? Get in touch.

It was a great gig anyway.

ProjectBazooka will be helping East Malaysia music scene fighter Owen Nicholas expose the East malaysian scene. Details to come. Meantime, check out his awesome killer-folk music

Overall, I’m very happy how the music scene is picking up, and getting it’s act together… see you all at the next Troubaganger open mic, wherever it may be!