Month: August 2006

ProjectBazooka Featured in Local Magazine

Yes, Grab a copy of Malaysia’s First Internet Lifestyle Magazine~!! Adlin Rosli, the editor of Junk-Online interviewed us a while back and got us featured there. Special thanks.

ProjectBazooka featured in Surf! magazine

The magazine chose to republish one of my articles, too. The title, subheadline, and content of the article doesn’t match. But it’s a reproduction my original article about Zainal Abidin and Mp3 music downloads in Malaysia, first published at TheCicak. Click here to see it

KhaiLee featured in Surf! magazine

My hair was also photoshopped till it became Ah-Beng but I’m not complaining. I’ve had worse bad-hair-days.

Surf! Magazine

But the magazine certainly is interesting, with the likes of Mack Zulkifli and Jeff Ooi as contributors. It also has an excellent story on Music Mp3s in Malaysia, with a little bit of headbutting between Zainal Abidin and Jason Lo.

Local Musicians Fight it Out @ Laundry – Thursday

It’s the angry veterans Tempered Mental versus the smiley gentle jazz duo Rhapsody. They will both beat each other with musical instruments, till DEATH.


Come watch it @ the coolest place to catch a gig, LaundryBar

This is the kinda stuff ProjectBazooka is about. Spread this poster around..!

They are two very formidable bands. It’s going to be a tough fight. Click here to watch videos of them, and listen to their music!

It Felt Really Good.

It was only 2 songs on a random open mic, my 2nd time performing my songs in public.
Some people were laughing, but I didn’t care.
Even though the guitar amp was booming,
and the mic had poor definition,
I guess something positive did happen.

My friends said some randoms were shouting “NO!” when I sang.
Which was a good thing, considering that’s a line of a chorus of my song “Death of the Excel SpreadSheet” (listen to it here)

And I felt really good about it, as though I got rid of a huge rock off my back.

But what really topped it off was so many friends came!
Even though you had to stay up late.
Will thank you all personally when I see you, soon.

For the drama of it.
I didn’t notice I busted my finger.
I should learn how to use a pick.

I definitely want to play again.
This time I will practice more.

But tonight, I can’t be more content.

I’m performing at an open mic Moonshine @ Laundry

Moonshine, a very popular acoustic gig,
with 5 stripped down local acts…
and Open Mic afterward (where I will hop on stage..)
It’s Free, too!

Where? LaundryBar, at theCurve, near 1Utama..
It’s right outside CineLeisure, the new 24 hr cinema…
The website is here
Check out the decor here..

THURSDAY 10 August 2006
Show starts at 10pm
and I come on past midnight….

This is my 2nd public performance so far…
Two of my own songs on an acoustic guitar.
Preview one of my songs, here

After my first ever public performance in May,
I swore I would be back with a vengeance.

I will probably play again somewhere else next week,
and the week after, so tonight isn’t that special haha

Just a Bit of Dreaming

Today, I am inspired.

1. Breakfast I sat in on a speech by Tony Fernandes, where he shared great business lessons for dreamers
2. Lunch was with 2 students who run BE_ADP , a business club which runs 4 businesses, posting a revenue of RM90,000 last year
3. Dinner was a really awesome live gig, and proof that great bands do pop by KL
4. Supper was with a filmmaker, a photographer, a writer, and a musician, two of them are starting a new fashion + accessories business, and the filmmaker is dead serious about one of my projects…

It’s 3.40 am now, and I have work in 6 hours…
But I learnt a lot today and I wanna share it, as well as some wierd pictures. Will post more soon!

We Are Scientists~ Join Me!

You know, I wonder if KL will ever earn a cult status as an indie stopover.

I also wonder how I manage to drive so safely yet dance so violently in my car to this NY band. I raved about them last February and their crazy music videos on YouTube. Now I will see them on Wednesday.
W.A.S rocks!
9th August, Zouk Mainroom, 8pm~

It costs RM60, but you might get free tickets from Think, or Junk. Go ahead, click those links and let me know if you’re going.

YuRi and I got free invites from Klue, out of nowhere. We were just minding out own Bazookas, and POW! we get free stuff. It’s awesome!

It’s like we are woodcutters who go to the forest everyday to earn a miserable living, and one day this rabbit dives into the tree and dies, giving us more food and money than chopping wood can. From that day on we wait under the tree for rabbits to dive into it, never cut wood, and starve to death.

Can’t wait for more rabbits!

Meantime, enjoy another We Are Scientists video.