Month: June 2006

SF Farewell w/ Fiona Apple and Damien Rice

I just got back from seeing Fiona Apple and Damien Rice at Sleep Train Pavillion @ Condord.

Damien is emotional and timid as usual. And what’s “Blower’s Daughter Part II” (???)

But Fiona, WHOA, she is 100X more angry live!!! What an angry woman. I doubt she is getting any action with the kind of songs she performs… dammit if I screwed up a date with her she would probably stab me to death with a microphone.


I’d hate to have regret in my luggage but I’m kinda ticked that I didn’t plan this trip better… coz I missed a chance to…

1. Perform at an intimate – not amplified – open mike
2. See RADIOHEAD LIVE playing some secret new tracks (opening by Deerhoof). AAARGH!!

I’ll deal with it. Console myself with dumb quotes. And I guess watching good singer-songwriter under the stars with Bay Area breeze helped ease the pain.

Once again, I’ve a feeling I’ll be back here, sooner than I know…

Special goodbye hugs to John Acuros, Maria, Hankern, and Anita!


We checked out of UC Berkeley today, after a long, intensive week.

And here I am, near SF State, crashing at Han Kern’s place (check out this blog entry made almost a year ago!). Who would’ve thought I would be back in San Francisco so soon.

I intend to spend the rest of the week meeting up with friends and professors, looking for music, and compiling my thoughts and learning in the past year.

I will be back in Malaysia on July 2nd.

Quick Update from UC Berkeley

Visiting Google tomorrow – they are tight on security and we signed wierd documents in preparation for the visit. Apparently they haven’t allowed any Berkeley kids to visit for the past 3 years. Will be having lunch at their infamous cafeteria – yum! Will take the opportunity to slip away, steal whatever UFO technology they are hiding, and start my own Internet behemoth. Hope their Google spiders don’t pick up on my lame joke.

Made tons of bad jokes – Speaking of jokes, I was at a Vietnamese place having dinner. My friends asked, “What are you having?”, I said, “Maybe the chicken noodle, but I’m not sure… I’ll just go with the pho.” If that didn’t make you bawl in laughter, eat this – “Let’s take a pho-to with our food!” hahhha I wish I can recall the other jokes I made, but I think I hurt some people in the process so let’s all forgive and forget.

It’s all coming back to me now –
Don’t you just hate Celine Dion? Anyways, seeing the familiar San Francisco stuff – like homeless people and MUNI, reminds me of Michiko, Shimal, and Mark, my ex-roomates back in the day. And I just met with Maria, who travelled to New York with me, and gave me a most memorable goodbye the last time I left SF. Revisiting fond memories can hurt. Desensitizing myself to them doesn’t make sense either. Sigh.

Met fantastic new people! – The other award winners from HongKong, Thailand and Philippines are great, great people. Also, the american “tour guide” John, and Malaysian Star rep Lee Yen have been great too! I hoep to post up pix and write more soon, and I will. For now I just wanna say I met a really lovable girl, too ;P

Back home ? – The new MindValley website is up – look look look! and We Are Scientists may be dropping by KL in August (thanks Jeff for the heads up) and a girl was recently raped in Centrepoint carpark!!!(a place I too often go for meals n drinks_. I am in Berkeley now so it wasn’t me.

More updates to come… but what’s been happening to u guys so far?

Waiting for results of competition….

No suspense here. I’m leeching some HSBC wireless, waiting for the judges to come back from their discussion.

I’m slightly disappointed I guess, not because I didn’t perform to my expectations. We were twice as good as our performance in Malaysia. However, both Philippines and HongKong were really, really, good.

Business plan and idea-wise – it may be a matter of taste. Presentation-wise, we were probably the most entertaining, but HongKong was THE most well prepared and professional, I admit.

oops. theyre announcing now brb

Travel Update

28th floor HSBC headquarters, Hong Kong.

The steel and glass makes me feel like I’ve just been swallowed by a robocop on steroids. Pretty cool. But there’s bad news.

We don’t have a table or podium, which means, we can’t have a backup script to peek at. And they won’t provide us a eisel or flipchart to display our artwork and board.

Okay gotta rehearse now. I’ve pasted some journals here, which I will probably edit later….

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At airport right now

2 random girls gave me their unused prepaid internet cards, so here I am. I look forward to some sleep.

I will be in HongKong from June 10 – June 15, Berkeley CA from June 16 – June 23, the San Francisco till July 1st. If any of you come my way please drop me an email with your phone number, we will meet up.

Also, I realise my images aren’t showing up in internet explorer. Should’ve tested.

A few random thoughts right now…

Should I start a work/business blog, separate from my personal blog? Should I type in American English or British spelling? How should I use BlinkLife for real, and what’s stopping me?

Uncertainty can be painful

Last weekend was good, spent it with MindValley peeps in Tioman.


We reviewed our direction as a startup, went snorkeling, and in a way, said goodbye to Anita, who finished her term at MindValley. (See you in Berkeley, Anita!)


In 2 days, I’ll be leaving for a business plan presentation in Hong Kong I’m not prepared for. Worse, they have DisneyLand in the itinerary.

On the brightside, I will be visiting Google headquarters! What a dream come true.

Also on my happy list is a visit to GAP (with private dialogue with their VP, Int’l Business Dvlpt and Director of Social Responsibility), panel discussions with bay area entrepreneurs, night time seminars on innovation, entrepreneurship, negotiation (and even meditation) by UC Berkeley faculty, and meeting the other Young Entrepreneur Award winners…

But for now, my mind = 2 things.

1. Pack n prepare for the trip
2. Finish MindValley new website

By the way, I moved in the new office at KL Sentral, and it’s lookign nifty. Will be posting pictures, and potentially starting a business blog when I get back (July 1st)… Okay back to work