Month: May 2006

And that was my first performance at an open mike…


As I prepared for the gig, I had one rule for myself – No disclaimers!

I promised myself to have no excuses or apologies for what I deliver. I accepted that this is my first time, and I’m here to learn, and I should give it my best, even though it may suck.

Although this made me less nervous about the whole thing, the actual performance was totally something else, very unexpected… Continue reading

My first Demo

“Death of the Excel Spreadsheet” – Khailee.
With backing vocals by some of my imaginary friends.
Click here to listen.

Some crazy Singaporean took so I settled for Do check it out.

Special thanks to YuRi for his effort in laying down the demo for me.

It’s just a very raw demo. I have a long way to go. But it’s a good start for a n00b like me, so pretty happy about this! =)

Recent Weeks + Pics + My 1st steps in the singersongwriter scene

The recent weeks have been tiring… apart from work and a bit more socialising that usual, there was:

Lezel celebated her Birthday by throwing poor me into a Karaoke room chock-full with veterans!


Then it was a series of MindValley parties. First, in celebration of Hannu’s new apartment.


Then there was celebrating the launch of MindValley Labs and BlinkLife – which is still undergoing some major cosmetic changes.


Click here to see the rest of April’s madness.

Towards the end of the month, we took a very sudden detour to Pangkor to chill out.


Check out more interesting pictures like this one, by clicking here.


Oh yeah, the past 2 days, I had the privilge of having 3 really high-energy, free-spirited Philippino ladies as guests at my place.


See how happy they look? *hint* To all my overseas friends: Come visit me!

They even gave me super-feedback to help me prepare for my “debut” solo open mic at Troubadours this Sunday.

If you can make it, come at 9pm to catch all the proper acts perform, and stay to watch the open mics – where n00bs like me show our stuff.

My longtime buddy ChitSoon will be doing his solo stuff for the first time as well. He has got a really really good voice so even if I suck big time, he will probably make your trip worth it.

Check out what’s the deal that night by clicking here.


Well, things have been pretty fast-paced, and it will speed up in coming week, work aside. Strangely enough, stuff at Laundry, and Project Bazooka are really taking off – at the same time, too!

I’m really looking forward to my vacation in June in California…

How I spend my birthdays

SanFrancisco: Went to uni, took a slow walk home, helped Michiko with her statistics assignment, went to watch Snow Patrol with a stranger off, played guitar and went to sleep.

Sydney: It was cold, and I listened to music, cooked some food, organised photos i took, played guitar and slept.

2003 – 1984
Nothing i remember well. Except that when I was very mini, my mom and dad took extra care in organising house parties with games and prizes for my equally mini friends.

This year I will spend it just like any other birthday – watch it go by.

It’s not that I enjoy wallowing in my own misery – coz it isn’t anything like that. I’m being my happy and peaceful self, with no reason to get excited.

Birthdays mean different things to different people, and i guess it doesnt mean much to me, that’s all.

But this year, I have a birthday wish…

You see, I can NOT live a happy, productive life: sharing my habitat with large reptiles.

I can’t even take a shower in my own bathroom! I walked in on 2 large jungle-style lizards mating jungle-style above my shower space, with a smaller, pervert-kid lizard watching the action from the bathroom door.

And then there is the psycho serial fish murderer – another repulsive reptilian (whose dastardly deeds are seen here and here) I finally caught on camera.

Now you belive me huh? I wish for these harmless, yet annoying stuff to stay out my comfort zone. But if it is truly out of my control, I may have to adapt to it. Eventually sleep with the spiders and watch TV with a python. It won’t be easy.

The same can be said for other things in my life now. But for now, I will play guitar and go to sleep.

* Special thanks to Bright Eyes for your company tonight.