Month: May 2006

Friends in Indonesia Safe

I just got news that all my friends in the earthquake affected area is safe. I was especially worried about Hambar, who works and lives there.


His home was destroyed. He now stays and helps victims at a community center (for children to learn about arts).

Thanks Renny, Wulan and Arifah for keeping us posted.

I guess it’s kinda hard for me to comment, considering my home and lifestyle is mind-numbingly comfortable. I admire how resilient people like Hambar are in the face of disaster, and hope be as strong when the time comes.

How Weekends Bleed into Weekdays

The past two weeks, I’ve been doing nothing but preparing the new office, listening to Stars, playing a new song I wrote, and learning how to style my new hairdo. What have I really been up to?



I’m hoping this weekend (company trip to Tioman), and next weekend, spent abroad till July… will give me time to zoom out on my life and reflect on the bigger picture. California – can’t wait!

In the meantime, it’s labouring at the ground level… the pressure is on at work with BlinkLife’s premature public Beta, and I’ve to buckle up for the HSBC Business Plan Showdown in HongKong, even though my spirit hasn’t kicked in yet…


Mission to Change Malaysia?

Is the typical Malaysian student ready to contribute to a competitive workforce? Samir of probes further, sampling some local university student leaders in his article, “Thinking outside the third-world mindset”…

Rather than questioning what a first-world mentality really is, the UKM president went on mouthing off statistics and reading from his little notebook, like a little robot dressed in a blue batik shirt.

When asked whether it would be helpful to develop a first-world mentality by going overseas, the second youth panelist from Kolej Yayasan Melaka responded that there is no need to go overseas as we now have the Internet.

It’s obvious that he has done his research; after all, who needs to leave the country, learn English, absorb foreign cultures and develop a sense of independence when you can do it comfortably at home?

It’s a good article, click here to read it.

And it leads to a bigger problem…

42% of Malaysia’s youth are under age 20, and most of these kids will eventually end up in the workforce. Even though they can be led by a few super-capable leaders, if most of them depend on that forever – and don’t lead themselves, both in thought and action – Malaysia will not be able to compete globally.

I don’t enjoy telling people how they should be like etc – Malaysian youths can of course choose to be less critical, less proactive, and less demanding in their lives – but I doubt they will be happy with their personal choices if the friggin’ country was poor.

Okay, so this is my plan. Continue reading

Ode to my mother

I did a whole lot of exploring over the past months… a lot of effort. Personally, I am quite happy about the way things turned out for me.

While many variations of this quote is used:

Behind every successful man, there is a woman

For me, it means only one thing – my mother.

She is a one-woman support system, taking care of all the little things, and providing me with everything else. When combined with the power of my dad, I am pampered with the perfect lifestyle to move forward with my ambitions, uninhibited. I am very lucky they stand behind how I spend my time, and support my most risky endeavours.

Our family doesn’t make a big deal about celebrations and showing outward affection much, but I find the silent, emotional ties very very strong.

happy mother's day

Even though I don’t spend many hours a week with her, I make sure she knows what I’m up to at all times, and I always get her input on the decisions I make. I have meaningful discussions about entrepreneurship and philosophy with her, which I hope, will prevent her from going senile.

Of all people I’m quoting Jeff Bezos again…

When you’re a little kid, you have no idea how much your parents love you. – Jeff Bezos

I think I have some idea… coz you have made it pretty clear. Thanks for that. Happy Mother’s Day, mom!

Passion + Art

Local artists exhibit/sell their arts n craft – exciting!
I’m headed there this Sunday, 11am/noonish… come let’s go!

image loading...

I love DIY artsy craftsy stuffs – Jueny and I are gonna meet up every saturday to spend some time making sling bags, waist pouches, cuffs etc for the fun of it while relaxing and listening to music. I also asked Osixnine to join in and she is keen. Do check out her lil’ fashion blog =)

Looks like we can build a saturday craft cult hehe would you like to join us? Even better if you have skilllzzz, we’re all learning…


Also, Check out “30 Day Artist”

i quit my job, used all my savings for 40 canvas, rented
a small room and painted the canvas in 30 days, artist
friend, suggested documenting it via blog. and alas,
30dayartist is born! so, you can say, i and my artist
friend is the originator!

I am a strong believer in exploring your interests, pursuing your passions, and it doesn’t mean you have to be super drastic and sell your house, rob your neighbour or anything like that.

At the end of the day, when you’re eighty years old and looking back on your life, you want to have minimized the number of regrets you have. That’s what should drive people. Not how much money they have. It’s regrets that I think haunt people at the end of their life. – Jeff Bezos (Founder, CEO of