Month: April 2006

YourArt+YourMusic=Wednesdays at Laundry?

Have artwork in a digital form? Bring it.

Have mp3 players which may or may not be white in colour? Bring it (assuming of course, some cool mp3s come with it).

I’m organising an experimental gig at Laundry Bar at The Curve.

We will display your digital art on slideshow – all night – on our huge projector screen, and let you plug in your music for everyone. We trust you have taste.

What happens if we chuck Klang Valley’s everyday visual expression + music selection into a blender? Will it look and taste good?

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Young Socio-Political Entrepreneur Competition + Flabby Waist

I’ve been called in for an interview as a shortlisted finalist for FNFMalaysia’s Young Socio-Political Entrepreneur Competition based on my funding pitch for If I win this, theCICAK gets RM5000 worthof funding =)


It will be used to break theCICAK into more minds via writing competitions, writer recruitment drives, t-shirt n badges giveaways, and some top-secret viral marketing tactics I’m dying to test out.


A few friends and I are headed to Pangkor (a Malaysian island) for a spontaneous trip – THIS WEEKEND! This a concern, as I have been neglecting my atheletic-ness for AGES. 2 days is too short notice for my body to get in shape! I will have to pay my dues in full effect on the beach, and suck it in. Literally.

On management styles

I personally refrain from blogging about my work – in the same way I would’nt blog about my girlfriend (even if I had one) – but something really hit me at work today, something worth sharing.

I’m a keen observer of the process to which things get done in my office. And when I reflect on my days at work, many questions would poke at me, such as…

When is it more involved, exciting, and effecient?
What communication styles are used?
What tools help get best results?
When to focus on what?

Above all, I’m trying to develop my own management style.

And it is interesting when Mike and Vishen (the co-founders, and my bosses) cannot be any more different. They work in a yin yang, constructive conflict/harmony fashion which is fun to watch.

mike n vishen
So I discussed my observations in my 1 on 1 session with Mike, over lunch, and he was quick to focus my wandering mind on

1. Be authentic, above all
2. Be extra-extra sensitive to people

That really put a stake in the ground for me, as far as contemplating on management styles go.

Do you have anything to share with me? Something you learnt from a great boss, or mentor perhaps?

I’m going to kill this bear.

I’m talking about this bear, yes.


It has been causing me a lot of trouble. When people click on “sketches” on the left hand side, they see the bear – it distracts them from knowing they should click on the bear to see the sketches. The bear is not the only sketch I have, but sure acts like it. Damn bear.

I have removed him forever. Anyways, if you click on Sketches now, suffer no more confusion… you have to click once more to see any actual sketches. My bad.

Will I Burn Out?

Some people think so. But I don’t.

I acknowledge the possibility of burning out, and address it, by selectively taking on projects, getting enough sleep, and a daily dosage of music. I will (soon) include exercise in my regime.

I know I can do it.

I have met a man more than twice my age, yet twice as passionate, and energetic. He was one of the judges of the HSBC Young Entrepreneur Awards. HSBC’s Chief Technology Officer if I’m not mistaken.

I want to be like him. To grow “old” without losing my “youth”.

The Nasal Way to Billboard Success

I flipped on MTV to see yet another nasal-sounding high-key soft-falsetto-ish American “modern rock” pop singer. His name was Daniel Powter. The music is pretty normal pop stuff but heck he sounds like he is singing with very tight underwear on. When will the Five for Fighting, Maroon5, and James Blunt kind of voice go out of (mainstream) fashion?

Thank the almighty lordy heavens I’m going to Amoeba Records in June. Will grab back a new truckload full of music. (Proof that I’m not a music pirate)


Anything you want me to buy back for ya?

Best Night Out in a Loooong Time…

Hey wow check out my pix of drunken friends I took a Zouk yeah right sorry I’m not happening I simply sat around with some friends and had the best night out in a looong time…

I had a great night before too, with Anne, Vishen, Anita and Jueny – it was a pretty good week. But tonight really topped it off.

It was a night of many crazy laughs, light brainwork, and stripping off what we usually wear. It was a full on orgy but not in a sexual sense. What happened was… Continue reading