Month: February 2006

One last hurdle~!

2 months ago.

Samuel and I entered this business plan competition.


RM10,000, the HSBC Young Entrepreneur Award, and a study trip to UC Berkeley is within view. Against 4 others, we are in the final round, and have to win the hearts of these scary sounding judges.

April 5

That’s judgement day. Which gives me a bit of time, I guess. I really want to win this. It would be flippinfantastic go back to California, and I love Berkeley (thanks to Pohsi the tour guide, all those months ago). I wouldn’t mind retiring to do research there one day…

But first things first! I might just get my ass kicked =P

Anything but music.

I’m listening to Gomez’s “Tijuana lady”. I was Form 5 when a friend first chucked it into my player. It seems the only moments I remember “peace” is captured in these songs.

I wonder if some kid in the states would be feeling the same about, something Malaysian, say, a Furniture track…

I was also thinking, I really could be working in an office now, “creating value” in line with some organisation’s mission…

I can imagine music playing in the background of my mind, as I carry my latop into the meeting room… then, I can imagine coming home to music to help me cleanse my brain… BUT I also imagine also being able to “create value” for the greater good of what music means to Malaysians… a mission I truly feel for…

But will it pay the bills?

Yuri and I both want to know, having tried and failed, getting up again, experiementing with our conviction.

The current projectbazooka website is due for another revamp, because what we stand for has more focus now… and we will be rolling out the goodstuff when the time is right.

More to come. Till then, help us make the BIGBAZOOKA better, and talk to us about your ideas!


Watch this NOW!

Came across this AWESOME video by an AWESOME band using an AWESOME service to spread their AWESOME music.

All this awe has limited my vocabulary.

This is another step in Web2.0 empowering markets to coordinate, communicate, and create value for themselves. In this example, record labels are clearly having less say in what a market ‘needs’, and should start listening to what the future sounds like.

So I decided to try this service out… uploading SAMIR GETTING MAULED BY BIRDS for everyone to watch the gruesome battle.


I have yet to test out a similiar service, recommended by Saerze. Have you used it to share your videos? Tell me about it!

Reality TV sucks! Haha

Once upon a time I was a tragic reality show contestant. Click here for the story. Fortunately, I was one of two finalists, Click here for the story.
Unfortunately, it was never meant to be Click here for the story.
So I went on with fellow loser Yuri to do Project Bazooka. (Currently writing that story)

Ai Ping, a fellow contestant got it all on tape – so you can watch how I got killed on TV. (right click and choose “save link as…”)

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7

NOTE: The videos have been edited for Reality TV and everything you see may not be true… especially when I am portrayed like a villian! hahah


From this link..

“I’d rather interview 50 people and not hire anyone than hire the wrong person. Cultures aren’t so much planned as they evolve from that early set of people. New employees either dislike the culture and leave, or feel comfortable and stay, so the culture becomes self-reinforcing and very stable.”

–Jeff Bezos, CEO,

I need the right people to join my space mission to the stars. No, I am NOT “hiring”… I’m inviting anyone who dreams zany ideas to solve problems and create value (whether or not he/she is asleep), and the energy to carry them through execution… to join me on what is a trip to where no Malaysian man, woman, or animal, has gone before.

Will write more on this soon….