Month: January 2006

Bug Fixed

Phew! Thank goodness I have the patience of a thousand men. Spent three hours paying for my tacky CSS coding. Now, I need a favour of all of you…

If anyone suspects my site is looking funny, please inform me! Mac users… is my site looking ok?

I am off to my hometown down South tomorrow at dawn. In Malaysia, it is called my ‘kampung’. The house is half made of wood. Will be visiting folks in Singapore afterward, and returning on Tuesday. See ya then. Have a happy Lunar New Year!!

Bug Discovered

Nobody told me GRR I shouldve checked sooner… my site doesn’t turn out right in the INFERIOR internet explorer. If you are using Internet Explorer you are not seeing my site the way it is meant to be seen, and you are open to more spyware, popups, and sluggish browsing. While I will try and fix the IE float bug, please use Firefox CLICK HERE it will take 1 minute of your time for a lifetime of happiness!

Get Firefox!


I dreamt of nothing on the plane. I felt nothing when I awoke. I was in the Phillipines, and did not bother to hope, expect, or think. It was raining just the way I liked it.


The plan was to put up in Manila for the night, and fly south to Davao the next day. I was quiet on the bus ride, snapping pictures. The large city of Manila looked bleak and soulless, reminding me of Los Angeles in an offbeat way. I noticed how entrepreneurial the Phillipinos can get – some dudes waded through the traffic jams, selling stuff. Their suicidal hardsell almost sold me a feather duster.



Our accomodation was fancy, kinda snow white and the seven dwarves. I was over-friendly and quite annoying at the dinner table where I first met my friends for the next 11 days.


Some of us left the dinner to go to a large mall, which was closed when we arrived. Strolling 2km through a huge, closed, mall took window shopping to the next level. There was a church in the mall.



We took a cab back to the Villas, and I sat next to a demure Indonesian girl named Renny.

Renny: “You play musical instruments?”
Khailee: “Yeah, guitar and drums. How did you know?”
Renny: “I could tell by your look.”
Khailee: “How about you?”
Renny: “A trumpet. When I was younger.”
Khailee: “You must be pretty good at at blowing then. Blowing instuments.”
Renny: “…”
Khailee: “I can tell by your look.”
Renny: “…”

I was never too good at first impressions. Back at the hotel I pieced 4 chords to what may be a song to sing along to someday else. I slept well that night.


Home Again!

Yo. I love all of you YGCC people, sorry I was grumpy looking when I left you, I miss all of you very much.

I haven’t slept in too long, yet I am awake, marvelling at the cool clothes I bought. Special thanks to Andrew for taking hitchhikers. Hope all of you reached home safely. Will write to you all soon!

Once bitten twice bitten

The mosquitoes here manage to get past my fur.
I learnt a lot today. My ego got beaten up again which is awesome. Will have to put the pieces back together again for tomorrow though. Learnt a lot about dropping my obsession with quantifying everything I can’t put my finger on, and how to NOT prepare for speeches which don’t require preparation.

Had fun playing someone’s guitar in my room while everyone had fun outside – alone time is important.

Sleep now – we are painting some houses for poor people. Then some Fiesta Celebration I need to help coordinate to celebrate our immense contribution to the Phillipine community. hurhur

Wait a minute I supposed to be in the Phillipines.

Yes, and I am. I didn’t lie. But someone clearly did!! They told me this was some jungle retreat – no wireless access, mobile reception – just rainy season, trees, and a lot of mud.

None of the above is true (except maybe that it has a lot of trees) – The place is civilised, and luxurious to some extent. It has wireless throughout the basecamp. Eeash and I thought I could escape my online self. Worst of all – I dressed like Tarzan! I brought clothes so junky, ill fitted… only suitable for trashing. Ugh.

By the way, I shopped in Manila and bought an RM38 shoes. And the camp, the people, so far is pretty awesome. I will get back at the end of the month and meet up with you guys and tell you more. Till then I am not sure when I will be online. Maybe they will take us to the REAL camp tomorrow. If I dressed like crap I want to be treated like crap!!

Will not be posting till End January – here is a LOOONG post

I realise this ‘blogging’ experiment, has gone a bit further than my initial plans. I’m feeling OK about it now… but very soon I will be positng nude pictures of myself and talking about my nose picking before lunch, and show you PICTURES of it! The lunch I mean. It all begins with this bloody emo post I don’t even care to edit – I don’t have time anyway. I’m off to yet another adveture…
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Street Roar Independent Music Fest 2006

I have been a bit sick – lying in bed sub-conscious, leaving all of American Analog Set’s music on repeat, which is what I usually do when I am sick, except this time it ain’t Sigur Ros on replay.

I finally got up to go for this indie gig, joining my very good friend ChitSoon and his entourage (pictured below).


The flu was killing me slowly. I was sluggish, and a bit zoned out. It was drizzling when I arrived, and my beloved jeans got mud-stained. Now I have to WASH THEM. Grr.


Was Whitelight the first band? I forgot. They are from Penang and I thought they were pretty good. Melody and intellect was there. Their good use of post-rocky styles and prog-rocky guitar playing makes good debate material for indie-folks. Their lead singer looked like what was the only non-chinese musician that day. Their second song was so good, Yuri and I are getting them onto the show.


Although I am not a fan of Deng Deng’s style of music, a few mud wrestlers were. Like happy pigs in a rainy day, they pushed and swam in the mud. Here is another picture of these kids. Won’t their parents be shocked.


Then, things got uglier – my hunger pangs got the best of me, resulting in the purchase of a RM6 cold burger. I returned for Dzap Dau Dau, a Hong Kong riot grrl act.


Very typical underground sound riot grrl act, which isn’t my cup of tea. This act in particular, didn’t have me feel the melody, or the music, through what sounds like young, angry girls demanding for new toys. However, that may be exactly what Dzap Dau Dau wanted, and why some people love them. After all, they did receive a decent applause from the ever supportive indie-crowd anyway.

I also remember Citizens of IceCream, which had to restart 2 songs. Looseness or technical complications? I don’t know. They were the typical epic post-rock band, especially compared to Kazumasa Hashimoto (Japan) which had a more solid identity to his music.


The art in one of the many flea market stalls were pretty cool. A dude noticed I was plaigarising the works with my photographic memory, and quickly gave me the URL to help. Do check it out – therein lies proof that Malaysian kids can kick some design ass – of course till their parents force them into auditors.

I took a few moments to think about the indie crowd. where not fitting in, is fitting in. Except many who do fit would hate to admit it, unlike say, hip hoppers. Then, Yuri, Ben, Abel and I leapt into a discussion on songwriting, and how some acts like Avril Lavigne have very professional songwriters behind them. The music was so loud we were almost shouting. All of a sudden, the music stopped, with Abel (still almost shouting) “Actually I kinda like Lindsay Lohan, you know?”

Amongst the indie crowd, that sounded pretty funny.

We then rallied ChitSoon, Hooi Yee, Jack, and Shaun to escape the RM6 cold burger, to Naili’s Place for some real food, skipping a few acts, returning in time for the suprise show stealers – SUBS from China.


It was obvious what kind of connection they made with the crowd, all of which stood up, and gave full attention. Resembling a chinese Yeah Yeah Yeah’s led by an angry, punked-out Gwen Stefani on crack, they SERIOUSLY rocked. I could FEEL their energy running through me, despite my unfamiliarity with the genre.

With my limited understanding of Mandarin, I totally bought in to the message they sold. She said:

DIY – Do it Yourself!
Always have freedom – Always have youth
You are the king of your dreams, keep your dreams alive, and live your dreams.

By the end of the act, I wanted to go to sleep. My nose was stuffing up, and I have waited too long for the Observatory. Nonetheless, I persevered, they were so hyped up I had to catch them with my own ears. Strangely enough, the life story of Abel caught my attention instead. I listened to the CD on the way home, and decided, they are indeed worth the hype.

Jack crashed at my place that night, and I got a hair complement from Jerome Kugan, whose short story, I read in a super old issue of Off the Edge at the clinic earlier in the day.

In summary, Street Roar Independent Music Festival 2006 was an excellent gig.

if only I was in a better state of mind and health to appreciate it. My mind was too bothered by the fact I leave for the phillipines in 4 days, with HEAPS of work left uncompleted. I am beginning to think falling sick is a natural excuse.

I will get well the instant I get all the work done =P