Month: November 2005

Coca-Cola: The Music Executive – FINALS

Join me in the live show where they reveal the winner of the job and the car. It will be interesting. A herd of groupies await me. But these are not normal adoration-showering-bra-throwing groupies… these are KuKluxKlan-pitchfork-wielding-tomato-throwing-hock-a-loogie-ing haters who want to see me dead. No, I’m lying. They want to see me tortured near death. You know, the typical feelings toward supervillians.

I am not asking you to join them. They have enough members. You don’t need to support me either. I just need your presence. I envision wall-like, human shield, to block all the aural abuse and rotten fruit abuse. So… what’s in it for you, you MAY ask? Continue reading