Month: November 2005

I’m so done with ‘tweaking’

I enjoy jogging but don’t do it often enough. Today is a start! I jogged with my brother and talked about a board game/ party game he and his friends are working on.

Anyways, I got back, and finished theCICAK’s new look – nothing fantastic but it’s an improvement. I’m telling myself to be satisfied with it so I can get on with my life!!

Nobody thought it was fantastic either so its back to the old design hahaha but I stole the background image for myself – woohoo!

Something I’ve been meaning to say

Recently, an Australian friend emailed me, sharing difficulties in job hunting.

I said, looks like ur headed for welfare dude.
Screw finding a job… just bum around till May, pawn your degree, use that money to bum off a while longer till ur parents disown you.
You know what to do from there on, because you would have gotten use to being a hobo, and quite content with doing nothing but hunt for weekold leftovers.

I also said,

I am in the same boat. Continue reading

incoherent observations from the architecture in helsinki gig

“I’ve got souvenirs but yesterday can’t mean too much, Have we missed an opportunity?” – see their website its really cool – btw thats lyrics from the song ‘Souvenirs’

was having convo with a dude who had a car door open to kill his car in the parking lot so the only gig that happened for him was in the police station. poor guy, he rated architecure in his top 10 for 2005. Continue reading