Month: September 2005

The Show I am in Goes on Air!!

11pm every Friday, 8TV (channel 18 on Astro)
11.30pm every Wednesday, TV3 (repeat of past Friday’s)

Details of competition here

Short video here.

See me victimised by cutting room crimes into something worse than what I really am. The show pits me in competition with 9 others for a job with EMI as a music executive, and a RM85,000 car. Need I say more? I am contractually bound not to, but really, I don’t know what the show will be like…

But I do know I look fat on TV, and my voice is geeky. Some may argue TV has nothing to do with this, but please let me blame something other than my genetic makeup.

WOW ITS SO EXCITING I get to be misjudged and criticised by 3 million other Malaysians who will forget me after they switch the channel, being reduced to a D-grade celebrity, and laugh at my own lame jokes. Sigh…

Locally made furniture very high quality-lah

I played furniture in my room. It was a real experience, something I would recommend. I meant Malaysian music makers Furniture. Was that the lamest pun or what? HAHA i love this

It must be my 5th listen and it still puts me in a happy- longing- relaxed- excited- trance, if that makes any sense. The last time I had this much fun was with Sigur Ros, then The Album Leaf, then Mum.

Very personally, I say… Continue reading

Best of internet radio?

Yo La Tengo – ‘Speeding Motorcycle’ was the coolest song I heard in a long time. It starts off with a radio talk show kinda thing, accepting callers. And one caller came on, starts to sing, with her voice sounding like a phone caller would… she then gets carried away with her song, and music comes in… the song ends with her realising she is on radio, asking ‘uh.. ar we done?’

The vocals were so sincere, uncontrolled, and emotional, something you would expect maybe from a Bright Eyes track.

Being in Malaysia doesn’t stop us from accessing the best of sincere, unpolished indie music, especially with commercial-free internet radio channels like

I got to know at a party in San Francisco. Here is the full track listing of my favourite channel in

If you get high on the good music they spin you can check out Epitonic as well. Another way to discover new music. Much of the music I listen to I discovered through that site…

absurdity strikes again!!!

Tsudden Tsunamis.
Hurricanes throwing civilisations into the dark ages.
Rapes, murders, sodomy.
On both children and animals.
That person on the San Francisco bus.
Your previous hairstyle.

There is always something ‘wrong’, something ‘crazy’, somewhere…
and just when a bit of compassion and empathy puts things in perspective, your hard disk crashes… Or at least mine did.

This kinda happened a few days ago, but I didnt accept it. I must have Continue reading

The Future Business of Malaysian Music

Months of personal research in this area + Inspiration from others that have already done so + Conversations with EMI music executives on many levels + Observation while working in the music industry = Khailee’s preaching about the reality of music and its business implications!!

A folder full of pieces of writings, numerous news articles, and some relevant academic works weighs heavily on my desktop. I need to plug it all together with good storytelling. This might take a month or two with my busy schedule, but I announce my intentions publicly so I won’t just forget about it haha.

The finished product will go on theCICAK before I push different versions to The Star, NST, and other business publications.

The Awesome Gift Goodbye

Gerry leaves for the UK to pursue a Law degree.
Had a small farewell BBQ at her house the night before.

We have been good friends for about 8 years, so I owe it to her… I gave her a sincere gift straight from my heart: A BURNT CD FULL OF SONGS I DID NOT PAY FOR!!!

This gift idea is so awesome, totally cheap, yet very straight from the heart indeed… so very awesome an idea, every other one of her friends did the same. Now… she has a whole collection of burnt CDs to accompany her on her travels abroad! Whoa!


I’d like to think my songs suit her adventures better though. In sequential order: I took into consideration her tastes, which can be a bit emo screamo punkish at times, included some rarities, a tearjerker or two, and some of my ambient post-rock stuff at the end. Click on the pictures to see the awesome gift in full size, tracklisting included.

Wish you well, Gerry!