Month: July 2005

Economics of the (American) music industry

A very well thought article by an obviously well learned man.
I recommend reading it, especially part 2, which discusses rememdies.

However, I noted the context was the AMERICAN music industry, and wondered, how about Malaysia?
What variables in the equation are affected most by the shift in context?

Also, the article discussed the record label -> consumer. Considering the title of the article, what about the economics of the music industry considering the other half: the artiste/performer’s end? I suspect a fuller picture can be painted would show more.

Having not formally gone deep into economics, I have sent the article to Tobias, a trusted Swedish friend and Econs buff, who will discuss this with me. I will gain a lot from his insight.

From this I hope to compile a reply and send it to the author of the mentioned article for his feedback. Stay tuned.

CV updated

Yes, hook me up with the goodstuff based on my attempt at a CV. You be the judge if it is a good or bad attempt, but let me say it is an honest attempt. I admit to never having held a full time job, and secret ambitions to be a busker. See it here.

Finally Up

After almost 2 years of vacillation, I have put my foot down for real. I will continue to tinker with the design, but the URL stays. will be my excuse for not sending sincere, hearfelt, hand-typed, individual e-mails, in efforts to ‘keep in touch’, to tell everyone who matters what’s going on in my life. How are all of you doing anyway? What? I feel your pain… caught up with our present lives, writing emails to the past can get tedious. Fellow friends, this is our last resort. Do check back when you free up that time, and comment heaps to show you care!