Personal growth

What if you had complete control over tomorrow?

What would you do?

Who would you meet?

Now try this.

Blog about tomorrow, as though you’ve experienced it yesterday. (Example)


Blog about tomorrow in vivid detail, as though it happened yesterday… The goal here, is to force yourself to actively visualize what you would like tomorrow to be.

Will this affect your life in any way?

There’s only one way to find out.


Get involved in my latest open source social experiment… PREBLOG

Mike Williams and I, who launched the “Making08” Facebook experiment now bring you yet another mind bending, reality altering project. If we can get 10,000 people actively preblogging, everyday, blogging about tomorrow as though it happened yesterday… do you think we would have more control over tomorrow?

Before I started preblogging, I had many questions… like:

  • What if I didn’t want control over tomorrow?
  • What If I want to “see what happens”
  • Or am I really going to up tomorrow knowing exactly what I need to do to make it great?

Mike and I have tried preblogging privately for a while now, and I can’t wait to report my results to you.

But I will only share my results with those who have joined the experiment.

So you know what you need to do….

How One Small Tweak Can Change Your Life Completely

What are the top 3 activities you enjoy?

I realize I have been spending most of my life chasing the activities I enjoy. And this really paved the path I have followed thus far.

If only I enjoyed different activities, I would be a completely different person today.

So here’s my hypothesis:

If you want to completely change your life, one way is to change what you enjoy most.

To test this hypothesis, I will conduct this experiment.

Follow me for a moment to see what I mean.

At the end of the post, I will invite you to conduct this experiment… well see if it completely changes your life.

STEP ONE: List the top 3 activities you enjoy most.

Here are my top 3, as of 2 months ago.

  1. I enjoy being absorbed in purposeful creation.

    Heck it doesn’t have to be too purposeful sometimes. I get so happy when I’m drawn into writing a new song, designing a new website, or developing a new idea, even though the purpose may not be initially apparent to me.

  2. I enjoy chasing my curiosity.

    Mostly, this means, flipping through the bookstore, or spending hours online reading and surfing and clicking, researching a topic, or looking for answers.

  3. I enjoy laughing.

    I love puns, random jokes in real situations, and laughing with people. My favorite set of jokers are Jeff, the MindValley guys, and myself. You have no idea how often I make myself laugh.

Okay, those are the top 3 activities I enjoy most. I know this because I spend 90% of my waking hours doing creating things, learning things, and laughing at my own jokes.

3 simple things make me a happy camper 🙂

But it looks like some changes will be made…

STEP TWO: Change your top 3 list

Now, my life would be quite different if I told you the top 3 things I enjoy is

  1. Watching TV
  2. Sleeping
  3. Eating junk food

I might be speaking to you now as a napping godzilla. Hence, I will not enjoy any of those.

Picture this instead….

openWhat if I enjoyed making money more than chasing curiosity, creating new things, and laughing?

For the most part of my life, making money has never been a top priority. ‘Enough’ money always came to me, through the stuff I did.

And I never really saw a pressing need for loads of money, anyway. I’m not a big spender, and I end up with plenty of savings.

However, in December 2007… Continue reading

Are you living someone else's dream?

The author of my favorite online comic, Wondermark!, shares some reflections on his life’s focus…

Nearly a year on, I’m finding myself turning down work-for-hire gigs more and more often so I can have time to focus on the comic and other personal projects. Like Tuesday’s comic expressed (in a fashion), I don’t want to waste or give away any more of my own personal calendar-squares than I have to. Often that means that I walk away from decent paychecks or even potential career opportunities — but in doing so, I’ve realized with growing clarity how important it is to spend my finite energy in pursuit of my own goals, rather than those of an advertising agency, movie studio, or corporate client.

As for me… I’ve been very fortunate to have worked on exciting things with exciting people since day 1. I owe it to my ability to have big dreams in the first place, and doing whatever it takes to realize them.

2008But I’ve got HUGE dreams, and I’ve got to work a whole lot harder (and smarter). I only have a couple years more before my metabolic rate slows, and I realize how mortal I am.

Hence, for 2008, I’m kicking it into high gear.

For starters, I spent a whole day today kick starting a new venture with Joel. More to come. Keep track of my plans and progress here, and remember to update the group about your progress.

P/S – Check out my friend Amir’s new blog.

Confessions I have to make

Lately, a few write-ups and incidents have left me feeling somewhat ahead of myself. Pretentious. I’m not suggesting that the recent publicity/ newspaper write-ups etc have been misleading. Not at all…

You see, I am a small fry gunning for big dreams.

IMG_m1363Not some big shot.

However, due to the unconventional fashion of “my work”, it is pretty easy for anyone to reach a conclusion far off from the truth. Either I’m doing a lot of great things, or just a lot of crap ;P

Do I care about what people think?

Confession #1

Yes, of course I do. And I should.

This year, the Malaysian media will play a big part in my projects, and it would make me even more uncomfortable if my story gets exaggerated, or misrepresented in any way.

Along these lines, I’ve observed, first-hand, how “putting your best foot forward” can sometimes lead to “crossing the line”.

Hence, I want to do my part to come clean with myself, and what I do.

Continue reading

A Facebook Group with a Purpose

Yes. I’m dead serious about making a big whoop about next year.

I know it’s getting a bit freaky. But it’s freaky and I like it.

Check out the new FaceBook Group:

Who is this group for?

  1. You are optimistic, positive, and excited to be alive.
  2. You have control over the story of your life.
  3. You want to make 2008 the best year of your life.

Sounds like you? Maybe? Read on.

Members of this group are encouraged to


    … to make 2008 the best year of your life – even if you take small steps. Do something!


    … by writing on the wall – or posting your blog post as “items”… posting a video, and image etc..”Yesterday I broke up with my smelly boyfriend!” or “I quit smoking”… anything you do to make 2008 the best year of your life.. report it.

The outcome?

Every time you visit the group page, you will see what millions of people worldwide are doing to make 2008 the best year of their lives.

Kinda like “post secret” except you’re posting the good stuff you do to improve your life. Why does this rock your socks?

  • Sharing your positive vibes can give someone that little nudge to action.
  • Reporting your life as you change it may inspire a stranger to change his life.

Will this change the world?

In some way, it probably will. It’s all up to you – Do you want to make 2008 the best year of your life?

Explore the group to find out

"Going Behind The Brain Of…"

This is a short and exciting game I play with myself. I play it when I feel like some rapid learning.

Playing this game once a week might make you go crazy, I’m not sure, I don’t play it that often. But I allow myself this pleasure once in a while, and I’d like to think it helps me grow as a person. Curious?

Here are the rules to the game
  • Choose someone you either admire, or someone totally strange to you
  • Immerse yourself in blog posts/ articles/ books they wrote/ related to them
  • Observe and note down new ideas, mental notes, and thoughts worth sharing.
  • Blog about it (might as well share the learning with others)

I have been sub-consciously doing this for a while now, minus the blogging bit. It usually starts with reading one thing cool about one person, then craving for more… My past victims include

Jeff Bezos

Founder and CEO of, I admire him because it’s a mean feat to transform yourself from startup cowboy all the way to big name CEO of a solid dot-com definer.

Henry Ford

A thinker way ahead of his time.

Not that I was born in the 40’s but you know what I mean.

I used to just get lost in reading whatever I could find online about them. Pity I didn’t take down notes I can share.

So really, today is the first time I’m going through the process, and blogging about it.

And for you to see how I play this game…

Going Behind The Brain Of… Tim Ferriss

The man behind “The 4 Hour Workweek”, a book which really jives with me and how I want to lead my life.

Over the past 3 weeks, I’ve been reading articles about him, as well as his book. But for this game, I’ve spent the last 4 hours consuming all his blog posts.

Here are some notes I taken down…

From Tim Ferriss’s blog

Achievement VS Appreciation

If we define “achievement” as obtaining things we desire (whether raises, relationships, cars, pets, or otherwise) that have the potential to give us pleasure, let’s define “appreciation” as our ability to get pleasure out of those things. To focus on the former to the exclusion of the latter is like valuing cooking over eating.

Time without attention is worthless, so value attention over time.

Most people spend more time planning their weekends than their relationships. Don’t make that mistake. You are the average of the 5 or so people you associate with most.

My own notes…

  1. I have have learnt the hard way (through being one of those kids who must ACE every subject in uni) that time management is BS. What I needed to manage was my energy, attention, and awareness. It’s good to know Tim Ferriss preaches the same.
  2. I noticed I rarely allow myself to be too content with what I have. My impatience and hunger for chaos has always driven me to do crazy things, sooner. I like it this way. But in light of not turning into a mean, greedy, crazy dude, I will learn to include more “appreciation” and “gratitude” into my daily experience for a healthier equation.
  3. I’m glad my experiments in being selective with who I spend my time with has paid off. Life is even more fun given my new social cliques. But this is only the beginning. I’ve always found myself the happiest when surrounded by the right people – and I’m going to take it to the next level in 2008 with my new, yet-to-be-revealed projects… 😉

Future victims of “Going Behind The Brain Of…”

  • Paul Graham, founder of Y Combinator
  • Einstein – the forgotten Ninja Turtle I think you know this guy?
  • Who else should I go behind the brains of? I want to an “unusual suspect” – I want to pick someone very different from me…

Now that I’ve revealed my game to you – you are forced to

  • Tell me who you would  “Go Behind The Brains Of…”
  • And leave a comment here if you decide to blog about it!

The pseudo science of group vibes

By “amplify each other” I mean how we feel at the time gets amplified.

Sort of explains how I feel when

  • I’m dancing in a room full of people who are really into dancing VS dancing amongst people who just stand around half-dancing
  • I’m amongst people with wild jokes and laughter
  • I’m having delightful conversation with people “on the same wavelength” VS people “from another planet”
  • I meet people with “good vibes” 🙂
  • I’m in a work meeting and experience the group phenomenon also known as “Groupshift”: Where group decisions exaggerate the initial position of the individual members. Not necessarily a good thing ;p
  • I listen to music which suits my “mood”. In this case the music is complementing my vibes.

I kinda operate at many different wavelengths depending on the context and time of day, and I’m really happy I’ve got people I can “resonate” with at all levels!

Shoutout to good friends and all the great people I’ve met over the past few weeks. More good times ahead! 😉

How to live your life like Chuck Norris.

The chief export of Chuck Norris is Pain. He also created the martial art Chun Kuk Do. Like many other martial arts Chun Kuk Do includes a code of honor and rules to live by…

These rules are from Chuck Norris’ personal code.

If you want to be like him, you know what to do.

For the record, any resemblance between my profile cartoon and Chuck Norris is purely coincidental. And I’m not really interested in being like him, either. But it raises a question… let’s say you don’t want to be like him. You’re quite comfortable being yourself…

What would your personal code be?

The Ugly Side of Perfection

A perfection of means, and confusion of aims, seems to be our main problem.

~ Albert Einstein

While the desire to make sure something is done “right” is generally a good thing, at some point, an extreme point, it can also be detrimental not only to yourself, but to people who depend on you.

“Perfection” is when you sufficiently meet the objectives of a task at hand.

Not when you spend extra hours on a 1% improvement at the expense of yourself or others.

So how do you know you’re going too far?

Have you ever called yourself a perfectionist?

Then you must read “How to break the perfection habit”.

It helps us re-think “perfection” in a more useful manner.

Found this through Prashant, who apparently has loosened up a little.