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Necker Island

Feeling Good

The 60″ screen served up lyrics and a dodgy karoaoke video. The mic was already in my hand.

“I feeeeeeel good!”, I broke into the midnight air with my James Brown number. Fellow entrepreneurs looked up in shock and amusement. Their wives came up to dance, with wild smiles and snapping fingers.

This was my last night at Sir Richard Branson’s home on Necker Island. I had to end it correctly.

The climax unfolded in the “Temple House”. Where hilltop views of surrounding Caribbean islands pampered our sights. Where Sir Richard Branson held meetings with The Elders, with the likes of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Former President Richard Nixon, and Nelson Mandela convening to solve global problems. Where I brought James Brown back to life, for one night only.

To think that only 4 years ago, I had emailed Mike and Vishen,

And 4 years after the email, in the exact week I was off to Necker Island to spend 3 days with SRB himself. My dreams tend to have had a habit of realizing themselves, and this was a good reminder.

How did this happen?

I was dining with Vishen at Vineria. Our catch up dinner was long time coming. I had left MindValley, the company he founded, for more than 3 years now. We had a lot to catch up on.

I was told about an exclusive trip to Necker Island, where Sir Richard Branson wanted a group of adventurous entrepreneurs to ideate how his non-profit Virgin Unite can better solve global challenges. Vishen was going. He nominated me. I wasn’t sure if my credentials were enough for me to get me on this trip, especially after the rest of the group had already been selected.

But I was given a yes in 48 hours, and a list of everyone else in the select group. There was an eclectic mix of founders of market-leading companies in airport logistics, finance, direct-response internet marketing, air-purification, and the world’s best in fundraising, accelerated learning, intuitive healing, and more. I was the youngest, and only representative of the tech startup breed. I had a lot to learn from everyone.

3 Days in a different reality field

From the moment I got off my 30+ hour flight and transit, and got onto my yacht, I knew I was in for one helluva ride.

Vishen and I had chartered a yacht to get from Tortola to Necker Island. The yacht’s name was Aquila, which coincidentally is the name of my 24 year old colleague who leads community relationships at This yacht was also where we would sleep on, as all spaces on Necker Island were full (half the resort burnt down a year ago, and spaces on Richard’s own yacht, the Necker Belle, was full).

What came next was whirlwind of surreal experiences. Beachside barbecues with glowing torches, Greek-themed toga parties, floating sushi kayak lunches, clubbing on other islands, feeding exotic animals, riding the Virgin Nymph sumbarine. More importantly, a series of mind-blowing conversations, fun, laughs, and peer learning with fellow guests, and Sir Richard Branson himself.

He made himself available to us throughout the day. Walking around the island. Challenging us to tennis. Teaching some of us how to swim. Joining us for every meal. Lounging around, chatting, listening, sharing stories. He was very laid back and took his own sweet time with us…. he was on an island, after all.


The Necker Island Staff – World Class!

The staff on Necker Island attended to our every need. Each of them were consistently caring, super fun, happy, very beautiful people, and really good at what they needed to do. They had great cooks, too. I had different concoctions of fruit smoothies brought to me throughout the day. I ate the best steak I’ve ever tasted in the world. Every meal was top notch. Each of the Necker Island Staff were rockstars in their own way, and together, they made our experience unforgettable.

Sailboat racing against the Google family

On the very first day, we were informed that Larry Page (co-founder of Google) had friends and family over on the neighboring island of Eustacia (which Larry owned). They wanted to challenge us (Necker Island guests) to a sailing race! Despite never having sailed before, I wanted to be in this race. I got a Necker Island team member, Gemma, to give me private lessons at noon. That very afternoon, I was on Hobie Cat sailboat with team mates Robert and James, founders of The Elevation Group, and we were off! It was a close match, with my boat swapping lead position throughout the race. The last 50 metres had our sailboat and the brother of Larry Page’s boat neck-to-neck. It got really wild as all of us stretched across our boats trying to shove and push each other’s boats off-course! In Robert’s heroic last ditch effort, he threw half of his body over the boat, pushing our rival in the wrong direction, just enough to fall out of favor with the wind’s direction – and we hit the shores moments after – and won!

Sunset Drinks on the Necker Belle

It’s a pretty neat boat, as you can imagine. I was on the ‘crow’s feet’ with property mogul, Ash, going 100 ft up the stern. Scary! Did 2 different somersault dives into the ocean from off the boat, one of which had me gloriously land face first.

Massage session with Candice

I booked an early morning session with Necker’s resident massage therapist, Candice. We were on a high point in the island, overlooking a cliff. The sounds of birds and waves splashing joined us. She began with a conversation about how I was feeling, and recommended specific oils for me to approve. During the session we chatted about spiritual development, tantra, and I got to learn about her dreams to open a healing center to help women recover from emotional distress. I was inspired by her quest, and offered to make a few helpful introductions. But the big highlight for me, was about how all of the Necker staff were just really stellar people. Richard really hires only the best!

Interacting with Sir Richard Branson

He was really present, and accessible man. Imagine, my first breakfast on the island, noticing a new face, he came over to introduce himself to me. I was in conversation with someone else at the time, and had to look twice as he extended his hand out.

In our first beachside discussion, I probed him on Virgin’s involvement in Silicon Valley type tech innovation. He asked me and Vishen about Malaysia’s progress. On another occasion, I proposed ideas to help him bring his vision of ‘Capitalism 24902’ to life, drawing with coloured pens on paper (I always carry this with me). He looked at my visual interpretation of the idea, still and silent for a while, and told me he loved it! He then invited me to go an a walk with him, as we meandered down to the beachside in the dark, he chatted with me about my journey, my challenges, and gave me encouragement. At the end of the walk, he instructed his top staff to follow up on some of the ideas we discussed, and thanked me for coming to his island.

What I took home

My biggest learning had a lot to do with the relationship between happiness and wealth.

Everyone in the group had different wealth levels. Some gained plenty and lost plenty. Some were on their way up, some were way ahead. However, that didn’t stop each of them from being awesome people. Many of the most happiest ones, I realize were

  • Emotionally connected – One successful entrepreneur, when sharing his vision for his company with me, tear as he spoke. Another readily confided in his current challenges in his love life. This reminded me of Steve Jobs, as his autobiography often told tales about how he never hid his emotions from work, and wasn’t afraid to cry at work when especially passionate. The entrepreneurs here were so emotionally present and powerful.
  • Self-aware and authentic – No one bothered with ‘putting up fronts’, you could feel how each of them are coming from a place of self-acceptance and embrace.
  • Seeing the best in people and situations – They were so good at picking out the best qualities in others or in tough situations, and shining light on it. They were infectiously, constructively positive people.
  • Eager to give and share –  Everyone openly shared their plans and strategies with one another, unafraid of ‘competition’ or ‘stealing ideas’. They were here to give and share. Richard himself mentioned ‘Giving is as interesting as receiving, isn’t it?”
  • Living their life freely and in love (instead of in fear) – seeing Richard walking around in his flip flops without bodyguards, with strangers roaming in and about of his home… this was a free man, not living in fear, but in love of life itself.

I believe everyone has a natural tendency to embody and live the above qualities. I distinctly know I do as well, except that I sometimes forget. It’s like a foundational kind of happiness to fully accept yourself, be yourself, share, see the best in any tough situation, and live freely, doing what you love. This is what success looked like on that island, and from this trip, I can imagine how, practice of the above qualities, coupled with good ideas and relentless execution, can be a great wealth magnet as well.


I left my yacht on a speedboat at 5AM to catch my flight. The stars and faraway lights were made brighter by the pitch black seas as I sped away from Necker Island.

As I write this, I am in a Malaysian Airlines flight, 7 hours away from home. I’m excited to see my team. I was informed that they broke an ‘impossible’ sales target while I was away. Things are looking up – and I know there is more ahead. I was given priceless insight and inspiration, which I can’t wait to put into action, to grow my team, and our company as a vehicle to serve the world in bigger, new ways. After all, we all have our own adventure ahead to create.


PS: Special thanks to Joe Polish, Yanik Silver, Kim, Eunice for putting this together!

This Independence Day, Let’s Celebrate Independent Thought

Today, as Malaysia celebrates its 54th year of independence, I have a secret wish for all Malaysians. Or rather, a not-so-secret wish, considering the friggin’ blog post title. Well, you guessed it.

My wish, this independence day… is for Malaysia to celebrate (and encourage) independent thought.

And I even have 3 ideas to encourage more independent thought.

But first, why independent thought?

  1. We can no longer rely on a ‘follow-me’ strategy in our careers or as a country. The world is changing too fast. Merely adapting will only leave us a step behind. It’s about time deviate from mediocrity. And it takes independent thought.
  2. Besides, the more Malaysians exercise independent thought in our lives, the more likely we can differentiate and innovate on our contribution in the job market, and potentially create more value and make more money.
  3. Collectively, a country who thinks independently as a whole can better answer the challenges of global competition with a differentiated value proposition. Basically, “How am I different”?

So, how do we inject more independent thought into our country and its people?

Gawd, I don’t know. Sounds like a big task. But I have 3 ideas to share.

#1. Turn the ‘kemahiran hidup’ class into ‘kelas hidup’.

Basically the existing curriculum of soldering and sewing? Um, let’s CHUCK IT for a moment. Instead, imagine every weekly session as SHOW AND TELL.

  • Each student must choose what they personally want to TEACH the rest of the class.
  • Teachers act as coaches to encourage students to explore and acquire new knowledge beyond the classroom.
  • The catch: No two students are allowed to ‘teach’ the same thing…

Now imagine students easing into it… watch them develop pride in their special knowledge, build confidence and identity, and gain experience in public speaking. And best of all, watch them struggle to and think differently from other students. Is that a happy meal or what.

Multiply that by a weekly class for the entire year, a few million students a year,  5 years of secondary education per generation, and we will have ourselves a few new thinkers 😉

What the rakyat can do:

Okay while we wait for the above dream to come true, parents can immediately start their kids on some weird shit. And no, I’m not talking about ballet, or that memory bead whacking thing. Although that’s all good. I’m talking about encouraging kids to go for one less tuition class, and one more exploration of their own unique interests…

The independent pursuit of a kid’s passion = Crazy growth hormones for independent thinking.

#2 – Develop ‘hacking’ as part of Malaysian identity

Disclaimer: I’m not referring to evil credit card scamming type of hacking, it’s like so already part of Malaysian life. I’m talking about summoning an army of very productive Malaysian geeks onto the world to solve the challenges ahead of us.

Hacking, by nature, is an exercise in thinking of a different way to approach a problem.

Imagine if IT’S IN OUR BLOOD.

If only, 80% of iPad apps were created by Malaysians developers. Or Malaysia having the highest concentration of web application developers in the world. I’m not saying it because this kinda thing is my life, but because software is a very immediate and reliable way to product growth and innovation. Look at the US, while their economy tanks, 90% of their job growth comes from tech.

Some might say ‘oh, biotech / clean energy is the future’ I am not an expert in that stuff, but I can tell you now that software will continue to EAT THE WORLD in the next 10 years and there will continue to be a GLOBAL SHORTAGE of software developers who can build USABLE APPS. Read “Why Software is EATING THE WORLD” on WSJ to understand why this is such a good opportunity. So much of modern innovation is brought about by better software. SO if Malaysians become #1 at this shit… we will code faster, better, and cheaper than the rest of the world, the world will pay for our super brain juice n then our geeks can reuse what they learn to in turn EAT THE WORLD.

What the rakyat can do:

It’s now easier than ever in history to teach yourself programming. Try Codecademy, for example. And for the rest of you who don’t want to code, think of something to hack, or an app to build, and find a geek to realize your ideas. Go to work tomorrow and think of HOW TO HACK YOUR WORKPLACE. Hack your job. Hack your finances. Hack your industry. Hack your life. EVERYTHING CAN BE HACKED. And when hack something your shake something up and create space for THE FUTURE.

And perhaps one day, the world will refer to Malaysia as the country where everyone hacks everything – a country who cannot be taken down.

#3 – Get more Malaysians plugged into the internet

Access to information can set our minds free. Free to question, ask, consider different perspectives, and SEE WHAT IS OUT THERE. While people in high places do what they can to get more broadband to more people…

What the rakyat can do:

Give your kids devices and access. Will they spend it all playing games? Sure. Porn? You bet. But ask em a question, they’ll Google it. Don’t know how to fix something, give them a second while the page loads. Whatever the challenges which come with freedom to access information, we’ll deal with it by being smarter than people who don’t have access to information 😉

[ Baby picture source ]

Final Plea

Once upon a time, a few Malayan crazies, fueled by independent thought, wondered what life would be, if broken free from the British rule…

And now, we’ve been ‘independent’ for 54 good years.

Yet, the country is filled with parents who want their children to fit in the mold. Filled with teachers who want students to fit in. And some who do not want citizens to think for themselves. They discourage independent thought, and wonder why the country is not ‘innovative’. NOT COOL.

Give them the 1malaysia finger. We don’t need them to hold us back.

The country can do much better without their stifling, fear-driven recommendations.

New solutions don’t come from conformity. They come from independent thought.

And this is what our country can celebrate more of, this independence day.

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Does watching TV make you unhappy? Science reveals…


After analyzing 30-years worth of national data from time-use studies and a continuing series of social attitude surveys, the Maryland researchers report:

  • Spending time watching television may contribute to viewers’ happiness in the moment, with less positive effects in the long run.
  • By contrast, unhappy people watched significantly more television in their spare time.
  • The short, temporary pleasure of television is similar to addiction: “Addictive activities produce momentary pleasure but long-term misery and regret,”

So should you stop watching TV forever? How about movies?

Look. I don’t know dude. Go read up on the original article.

Personally, I don’t endorse watching TV. Or smoking. Or juggling hand grenades. They just don’t seem like useful habits. Unless useful = avoid tuning into your own ongoing drama a.k.a your life, your personal growth, and real issues.

catThink about it. What if someone you knew spent the next month replacing the time they use to watch TV to tune into their own life instead?

How would their life change?

And our parents. We have to stop them! It’s scary how many hours our parents spend on the TV each day! Even more as they age. And they used to tell us to stay off the telly.

How times have changed.

I guess some people might actually learn stuff from TV. In the same way you might learn stuff from real life.

But what do I know. I haven’t watched TV intentionally since I was 16. And that doesn’t imply I did anything useful either ;P

In the end, the big issue isn’t just about TV. It’s up to how we choose to use/ waste our time.

Most people get ahead during the time that others waste. ~ Henry Ford

For example: We can find so many other things to use/ waste time. Who knows, maybe science will also show you that watching YouTube makes you unhappy! Or fat? Or cancerous? Or fat cancerous and unhappy?

I hope not. I spent 20 minutes watching this on replay:


And I spent an hour making this blog post. What a complete waste of time ;P

Photo credits: TV pic by joguldi Cat pic by cloudzilla

Thanks Ditesh for letting us know about the science article

Keeping our promises, and changing the world

How many promises have you made in your lifetime?

Promises to yourself. Promises to your boss. Your mother. Your friends.


What if you have kept them all? How would your world be today?

How many promises do we make, both knowingly, and unknowingly. Because when you think about it… you’re not the one making promises… promises are made when people believe you.

A promise becomes a genuine promise if there is genuine BELIEF in it… for example:

A promise to yourself

You say to yourself, “I’ll go to the gym 3 times a week”. Do you believe yourself? If you don’t fully believe yourself, it’s not w very good promise is it. No belief, no promise.

It’s probably like a goal. And it’s like OK if you didn’t hit a goal, but its NOT OK to break a promise.

Promises are very different from ‘setting goals’, voicing out your intent, and ‘trying your best’. Promises have a different weight and effect on those who make them, and those who believe them.

A promise to others

As a brand owner / marketer, let’s say your product says “Gives you radiant skin”. If the customer believes you, your product had better damn well live up to it, or you’ll be breaking a promise, and losing repeat customers, and failing in business.

When you look at a brand, what do you expect from it, what do you believe about a brand? The moment your product is out there, people may buy into it, and suddenly, you’re making a promise whether you like it or not.

Marketers talk about a BRAND PROMISE – and they should keep it.

Khailee’s Promise

I previously “mentioned” that I would show you my latest Halloween costume, right? And if you believe me, that’s as good as a promise.

And I will stay true to it:

So here you go. I was dressed as SERENA WILLIAMS.


World number #1 baby!

Here I am trying to be a tennis player, hitting on girls:


It was fun at first, then it got uncomfortable (for onlookers, too), as my wallet, handphone, carkeys and such was in this waist pouch underneath the front of my skirt. So I had to like, play pennis whenever I answered the phone.

Anyways, where was I. Oh, promises.

Big Promises

Just a closing thought.

There’s a lot of power in keeping our promises. Shared promises can unite nations. And shared promises kept, will be completely worth the effort put into keeping them. (Hint hint Anwar or Obama)

The last 6 months of my life has been the most intense, mostly because I’ve been focusing every working hour on keeping my promises, to my clients, to my team, and to myself. And because so many young Malaysians and brand owners believe in YOUTH’09 and YouthSays, it creates very big, shared promises, which once kept, I know will completely be worth the effort put into keeping them.


Promises VS Goals idea, thanks to MindValley and Bill Bartmann

“Hitting on girls” joke and the adventure thus far, thanks to Joel Neoh

The tennis skirt and racket thanks to Xinch

Rapid learning and getting high: How it looks when you simplify Kolb’s Learning Styles


Schools are sometimes criticized for too much theory, not enough application. The workplace sometimes gets you too busy to stop, reflect, and learn.

Then you read about people like Tim Ferriss, famous for his ‘intensive learning’ experiences where he breaks Tango records, wins kickboxing championships, and masters multiple languages.

And you meet people like Joel Neoh who wins National Rock Climbing Competitions, engineering competitions, the Malaysian equivalent of “The Apprentice”, and starts a million-ringgit startup… all before age 24!

So how does one become really good at something?

And how do you do it quickly?

Over the past 5 months since I left MindValley to build youth community platforms in this region, my learning and actions were forced to be more focused than it has ever been.

With this, something my friend Janne once shared with me, and Kolb’s learning styles come to mind. I have since re-interpreted what’s going on with my own diagram:


So how is this picture put to use?

Here’s an example of how I’ve witnessed some programmers get really awesome at what they do, viewed through the picture above:

The best programmers I know:

  • Read up on everything related to the language / problems they are trying to solve – all the time!
  • Experiment with solutions, and actively work with their project.
  • Twitter and blog about what they’ve learnt / solved.
  • Chat, share, comment, and discuss with other passionate programmers, or teach junior programmers.

And they can do all of the above, in multiple cycles, every day of the week. They fulfill all corners of the quadrant.


Organizations do it too! MindValley, who are Gods at internet marketing, get good at it because its team

  • Sends it’s people out to learn from other internet marketing products and competitors
  • Has weekly sharing and discussion sessions on what they learn
  • Apply new techniques and tweaks to their existing businesses to see what works
  • Synthesize key learning in a discussion session, then on their blog

And they repeat this cycle every week! The energy, learning, and revenue growth was amazing.

The next time you aim to learn something, consider a holistic immersion as pictured above.

Is it as easy as it sounds?

If all I’m doing now is training to be a Jeet-Kun-Do world champion, I can go through a cycle of practicing, watching Bruce Lee videos, chatting with my sensei, beating him up, then blogging about it.


But no, I’m not training to be a Jeet-Kun-Do world champion.

I’m focused on building a robust, profitable business which people love. This path involves a few moving pieces, requires even more focus, and perhaps the same sort of discipline of a Jeet-Kun-Do master.

It’s also true to say, that today’s careers may demand us to be pretty darn good at more than just one skill.

All the more reason we need to learn faster and smarter.

Here’s how a simplified view of Kolb’s Learning Styles do it for me.

  • I don’t go and learn/ read something unless I can put it to use (after all, there’s always more to learn from everywhere, but I don’t have that luxury right now)
  • Based on stuff I learn from others/ reading/ reflection, I put it to use, see what works, what doesn’t, make my own notes, develop new practices, and re-test on a situation
  • Joel and I have frequent discussions and ‘stop N think’ sessions to make sure our organization is on the right track
  • I have been sharing and learning with all members of my team, at least once a week

And believe me, going through all of it gets you HIGH.


I’m learning and doing a lot more than I used to, and the past 5 months seemed like a whole year.

On the other hand, I also have more to improve, and a long way to go. For example, I wish to blog more about all the stuff I learnt (today I’m taking a real break, and it feels good to whack out a blog post like this, you know, help me tie it up in my head, and to share with you too).

But there’s a whole lot more to execute on. I’ll let you know when all this hard work creates something to show for. Probably February. For now, all I have is this blog post ;p

How applicable is this picture to your life?

Once upon a time, I was all over the place.

I would be reading up on economics. Chatting about the music scene. Doing an internet marketing project. Then blogging about how to style thick hair.

I was doing many things, and sometimes I felt like my entire life was all over the place.

Was it “wrong”? Or “bad”? I loved it! I was very focused on EXPLORING as much as I could. Learning about everything, and testing out and trying everything.

If you’re still in that mode, and haven’t decided to have one singular focus yet, trying a lot of stuff out is a great idea. And the picture above can help you learn stuff faster.

Right now, I’m bent on focus – so I can truly accomplish something more.

If you feel the same, and you’re out to really pick up a new skill, or win a certain battle, then take a closer look at the redrawn and simplified Kolb’s Learning Styles. When you see the need for some focused, intensive learning, this is definitely one way of looking at it.

Read more about Kolb’s learning styles.

Blue picture by sonictk, Matrial arts photo by kaibara87

The Importance of Sleep VS Rest


How much time do you need to finish this?

How much attention do you need to finish this?

How much sleep do you need to feel fresh?

How much rest do you need to feel fresh?

Just like how time is so different from attention, I feel rest and sleep have a related, important distinction, too.

Time, like sleep, suggests quantity. Attention, and rest suggests quality.

And if you think about it, we go through life swapping time to get sleep, sleep to get rest, and rest to gain attention to do what we do best, before we head back to sleep again.

There may be some math behind the semantics, but I just woke up from an 8 hour slumber, and screw the math, I think I could use a bit more sleep rest ;p

Did you write the story of your life?

If your life was a movie, what’s the story?

Would it be interesting to watch?

How are the characters, episodes, twists, sub-plots? What’s the next scene in your story? Who’s the hero? And who cast that jerk as your ex-boyfriend in the first place?


Most of all, who’s writing the story?

I love storytelling…

Good marketing campaigns, the survival of ancient cultures, iconic brands, the transfer of ideas, religion, moral values, and every form of entertainment you can consume involves heavy storytelling elements. Even sex ;p

Every one of us is a story, and our stories connect us all.

What’s your story?

How do you describe yourself in your blog’s “About Me”, and your Facebook profile? How do you view the story that was, and how would you write the story that will be…

Or would you rather tune in to another channel?

Day in. Day out. As an extra in other people’s lives. Releasing control over the script, production, lighting, casting, and direction to someone else…

Great questions.

Having recently watched “Protagonist: The Movie”, I watched how a real life bank robber, terrorist, ex-gay evangelist, and martial arts obsessed person told the stories of their lives.

Recent soul-searching and reading John Carlton (a copywriter and marketer) write about “You: The Movie” inspired me to blog about this topic.

What’s the story of my life?

Well, I’ll be writing a new about me page, re-designing my blog, and re-writing my Facebook profile description real soon. A lot of it is outdated, and I’ll be making some big moves in the month of May.

Coming soon.

To a theater near you ;p

As an aside, here’s a movie poster I made 3 years ago, based on a picture of my student exchange buddies and I walking down the wrong side of Hollywood hill. We were on what I called “The Great Unamerican Road Trip”… 10 days. 10 international students. 10 cameras.


How to get some action ;)

I was alone one night, in deep thought…

I was wondering what I would learn by going through a selection of 213 quotes on “action”.

The one thing I personally took away?

The need for consistency and continuous effort.

Not revolutionary, I know.

But it hints at me quite accurately, as I’ve spent the most part of life on “think smart” to the extent I’m relying less on “work hard”.

Looking ahead, for the ambitions I’ve chosen, I might have to do both.

Chinese Farmer Grows Robots

I know, I know, first MC Hammer, now this.

No, I won’t be a source of offbeat news. This blog post is about finding your bliss.

Please watch this Chinese farmer grow robots for a living to see what I mean.

Look at that man.

And notice that

  • He found something he really enjoys doing
  • He is damn good at it
  • He gets a chance to do it very often
  • When he has an idea, he can instantly leap into the creation process…
  • He doesn’t give a nut (or bolt) about what other people think

I admire this man. I really do.

Aside from the fact he is also willing to burn his house (and his marriage) in pursuit of his passion, lets imagine if….

  • He gets paid boat loads of money to do what he loves.
  • His passion also provides something of immense value to the world

Now that’s a sweet deal.

And that’s where I’m headed! (or at least where I intent to head)

In the meantime, I get distracted.

I was building wax sculptures all morning, Friday. Not quite as cool as ghetto robots, but I’ll show you some pictures real soon…