Web2.0 – Hype2.0 = ???

The worst thing about all the Web 2.0 hype is the complete loss of business perspective – WTF2.0

From my own “business pespective”, a the term “Web 2.0” is only worth using if the focus is on….

• How enabled users are to create value
• The value of what users create as a result
• How that value can be monetized

Cool stuff like mashups work only a means to this end

Areas of concern/ opportunity

• Information overload, micromedia explosion
• Shifting centers of trust and influence (Peers, Old media, New media, Experts…)
• Decreasing effectiveness of current monetization strategies
• “Online” apps converging with “offline” = “no-lines”

Summary of monetization strategies

• Advertising
• Subscription (eg. 37signals, eMusic)
• Transaction
• Value added services (especially offline services eg
• Value added products (Wikipedia selling WikiBooks?)
• Charging for access to value you “own” (business pay to post ads on craigslist, users free)
• Monetizing positive externalities (donation mechanisms, merchandise)
• Focus on product/ core competency, with web2.0 as platform (see SkinnyCorp’s clothing lines, or Zazzle)

Having said that, this is how I would come in as a challenger/ new market entrant

Now it is easier to engage the mass market than ever. Which is why mass market is most competitive. I suggest capturing one differentiated segment at a time.
Eg. kicks Google’s ass in Korea… 40% market share vs 2%!!! Would naver have achieved the same success attacking Google head on? Doubt it.

HOW? Secure user trust by helping communities evolve, then adding value…

• Understand who they are – and what they need (appeal to the essential needs like recognition, belonging, and most of all… hooking up!)
• Target niche – and grow from there (across the ends of the long tail) by making mass customization effortless.
• Enable them with easy and fun apps and incentives.
• Let community decide what impacts them (user invite other users?)
• Keep eye on incentives for participation! (Instant gratification with AJAX helps, skinnycorp uses $$$)

Examples of those who do this well?
More examples here

What do you guys think? What did I miss? I’m very interested in those which make users real happy AS WELL AS make some decent moolah.

Got the job.

“Di mana bumi dipijak, di situ langit dijunjung”

That’s a malay proverb, which kinda means “Where your feet is planted on the ground, is where you hold up the sky”. Thank you Mr.Vijaya for the quote.

If I want to hold up my ambition, I must be realistic… I am only one man, and I still have lots to learn. In April, I will join MindValley.

We’re idealist. We believe the Internet is the greatest invention of our generation and has boundless potential to change the world. We build products that help harness this potential.

I will be putting my ideas and talents to the test, experiencing a silicon valley start-up expeirence, develop web-related skillsets, while learning from the eclectic, brilliant, MindValley people.

Getting paid is a bonus =)

I am REALLY glad Mike and Vishen took a chance with me – even though I did not bring any proven expertise to the table.

I guess this is only the beginning of yet another adventure!

… March will be spent preparing for the finals of HSBC Young Entrepreneur awards, and some major self-study in web analytics and web copywriting …

By the way, if any of you know any insanely bright people who wants to live for the pure joy of creation, and loves web2.0 an technology… MindValley is continuously hiring to feed their growth!


When Malaysian youth chase their dreams with diligence… WE MUST SUPPORT THEM!!

Or else… Malaysia will soon lose its soul… become a mattress full of yawning cats petted by robots whose only goal in life is wealth accumulation.

It reads: Love. Life. Friendship. I have no doubt it will be awesome, mostly because of the talent behind it (friends + ex-schoolmates). Read the article in theStar.

But what is the show about?

“It’s an ensemble film, really, about five friends and that period in their lives when they are finishing their studies and, basically, growing up.

From the heart, I wish them my best. Also from the heart, giving my full support, I will also give them honesty… If you want people to talk about your film… Continue reading

Ah My Mistake

Twilight last night, I was seeking truth and purpose – and I sort of found it in MindValley.


It is an organisation with a deeper mission. I envision I can contribute more with them, than on my own. They have built a vehicle similiar to what I described in Google and IDEO. It came across like a page out of…

First, Break All the Rules

Good to Great

Built to Last

…..which are very good reads. MindValley was co-founded by a Malaysian, too! (which surprised me to no end) Read about MindValley here – and the co-founder’s blog, here. The chief web developer, named JiangTi, looks like a senior from my scouting days back in SMKDJ. Maybe he is.


I got so excited, I sent in a job application with 2 bloody typos. As usual, I wanted to write from the heart (leaving all the soul-draining business talk aside) but not-as-usual, I did so very tackily.

I may just have to change my identity and apply again if they don’t like me =(

Revver VS Youtube..

Apparently, if you upload video content with you can monetize its popularity with ads… as far as p2p video sharing goes… I wonder how will and vSocial respond…

From, here is a user-uploaded video of some frog dressed as a human, jumping all over the place.

The video autoloads and eats bandwith – in a slow-connection country like Malaysia my page has to wait for the silly video to play before my blog loads up. I am sure I can tweak the code I pasted to not make it autoload – but SORRY I am a stupid consumer.

Youtube wins.

One last hurdle~!

2 months ago.

Samuel and I entered this business plan competition.


RM10,000, the HSBC Young Entrepreneur Award, and a study trip to UC Berkeley is within view. Against 4 others, we are in the final round, and have to win the hearts of these scary sounding judges.

April 5

That’s judgement day. Which gives me a bit of time, I guess. I really want to win this. It would be flippinfantastic go back to California, and I love Berkeley (thanks to Pohsi the tour guide, all those months ago). I wouldn’t mind retiring to do research there one day…

But first things first! I might just get my ass kicked =P


Watch this NOW!

Came across this AWESOME video by an AWESOME band using an AWESOME service to spread their AWESOME music.

All this awe has limited my vocabulary.

This is another step in Web2.0 empowering markets to coordinate, communicate, and create value for themselves. In this example, record labels are clearly having less say in what a market ‘needs’, and should start listening to what the future sounds like.

So I decided to try this service out… uploading SAMIR GETTING MAULED BY BIRDS for everyone to watch the gruesome battle.


I have yet to test out a similiar service, recommended by Saerze. Have you used it to share your videos? Tell me about it!


From this link..

“I’d rather interview 50 people and not hire anyone than hire the wrong person. Cultures aren’t so much planned as they evolve from that early set of people. New employees either dislike the culture and leave, or feel comfortable and stay, so the culture becomes self-reinforcing and very stable.”

–Jeff Bezos, CEO,

I need the right people to join my space mission to the stars. No, I am NOT “hiring”… I’m inviting anyone who dreams zany ideas to solve problems and create value (whether or not he/she is asleep), and the energy to carry them through execution… to join me on what is a trip to where no Malaysian man, woman, or animal, has gone before.

Will write more on this soon….

Entrepreneurship aids Poverty + Boredom Alleviation

Google and Technoserve team up to promote entrepreneurship to help alleviate poverty. I LOVE entrepreneurship, and it makes life more interesting as well. Read the article and see if you feel the same.

I am happy the Malaysian government is promoting entrepreneurship to drive economic growth as well. BUT – more has to be done, and I hope I can make it as an entrepreneur – so I have beef to help other Malaysian youth pass the cushy job – and create inspiring jobs for everyone else instead.

And maybe, some day, Malaysian youth will have more passion in their blood, more to look forward to, and less complaining about status quo and not do anything about it.

If anyone wants to get in touch with some budding Malaysian technopreneurs, is the place to start.