The Ones We Love


Photo by Andreas Till

What do you do with the person you love most in the whole world?

Take ‘em out and shoot ‘em.

~ From Photojojo

Each artist contributed six photographs of the person(s) who is most important to them, taken outdoors in a natural setting. The goal of the website is to portray the people who are loved, cherished, and inspirational to these artists.

This one is sort of my favorite.

See them all.

Textures and patterns make me happy

Do you like the background image of this blog? Do you notice the detail in the diagonal lines? The imperfections in its form? I do.

Sometimes, for the fun of it, I design patterns and textures for web use. Hours of fun.

I mean, look how as standalone images they join together to look like something else. Where else can you find such beauty. Here are a few sites I go back to look at once in a while to get my kicks.

Saturday Night Shoe DIY: Custom Slip-ons!

Okay, this was the first time I hacked a shoe (wrapped half the shoe in corduroy and spray painted a motif on it)

Loads of mistakes were made but the end result was raw and gritty the way I like it (pic above)

Just to share my fun, here’s how you can screw up a pair of shoes, too.

You will need…

  • Plain canvas slip-on. Preferably your own. I used a faded-green Everlast pair, RM39 from Sg.Wang.
  • Fabric glue
  • Sharp scissors
  • Spray can (the color I chose… dove grey)
  • Miscellaneous fabric (I keep a lot of junk fabric, leftover from the end of my pants etc)
  • A crafty, careful partner (I used Swen. She once made an Optimus Prime outfit for me and that rocked, so here she is again ;P)


Choose a pattern you like, and cut out a stencil thing.

This pattern was inspired by a poster I once designed for a band in Newcastle, Sydney.

Transferred to paper by the very crafty Swen (thanks hun!)


Prepare cloth cut-outs.

I initially glued them to the shoe before spraying the print on. But in hindsight I should have sprayed the print on the cloth before pasting the cloth on the shoe.


Spray very slightly!

Spray paint seeps into cloth, bleeds n blurs out (we learnt the hard way).

Depending on how prominent you want the motif to be, I guess you can apply layer by layer, waiting for paint to dry in between. I settled for a very subtle impression.


Blog about it and share your experience with others!


Overall it took only about an hour and it was loads of fun… and I’ll be wearing my crazy invention tomorrow 😉

I might do this again another week.

Any ideas, experiences, comments related to canvas shoe hacking? Let me know.

My Collection of 16 Word Short Stories

Inspired by Hemmingway’s 6 word short story:

“For sale, baby shoes. Never used.”

I challenged myself to ApostropheGallery’s 16 word short story writing contest. Top 6 winners get sent on an all-expenses paid trip to Bali for a writer’s festival. How cool is that.

(This is an excellent initiative by DiGi, which earns my respect for creative marketing.)

This Is My Strategy To Win This…

Firstly, I tried to understand how they would judge a winning entry. Since there are no details on the site, I made some simple assumptions on the winning criteria.

A winning short story…

  • Should affect me emotionally
  • Should be able to tell itself beyond the 16 words

Based on these two criteria alone, I hope my entires can stand out.

To meet the criteria of stirring up emotions, I decided to choose some extreme, vivid emotions. Preferably take them where they don’t normally go…. I went for either

  • Disgust, Anger, Shock… tackling morbid themes like death, obsession, perversion, and subjects like cannibalism, gay hate crimes, and tragedy.
  • Unexpectedness… a plot twist in 16 words? haha
  • Laughs, giggles… using ticklish puns, irony, and some lame jokes.

I ended up with 9 short stories. Some leave more to interpretation than others. Some are not direct.

Some of these might be real crap. But smile politely and give me the thumbs up of good intentions anyway 🙂

I really want to win!

Would love to go to Bali and meet all sorts of new people. Especially if they’re writers, they must be quite interesting.

I confess to hidden passions to write haunting short stories, a la Edgar Allen Poe, or at least children’s short stories. I wrote a children’s story once, about a Hippo who chased ranbows. Will share that with you one day…

For now I may have exceeded my word count ;P

Kinabalu Dog Desktop Background!

Kinabalu Dog

We met, 2 months ago in Sabah, East Malaysia. It was a Sunday.

I don’t know her name. I don’t even know if she is still alive.

All I have is the memory of her yawning, starving, itchy-looking, nipple-exposing self… artificially immortalized on an LCD screen really close to my heart.

Feel free to use this picture as your desktop background!