Songs I wrote a while ago

Death of the Excel Spreadsheet, 2005

Taken from an old MySpace blog post I made in 2006…

The Story Behind the Song:

Death of the Excel Spreadsheet was written around July 2005, when I was in Bethesda (near Washington D.C). It never had a title till I uploaded it on Myspace.

But the story behind it is pretty straightforward.

I used to live by my Excel Spreadsheets, where my schedule, budget, notes, decision making models, private journals etc were stored on. I woke up to a spreadsheet. I went through them before I slept.

Shortly after completing my studies at San Francisco State, I spent 3 weeks with my good friend Jeff at his place in Bethesda, Maryland.

I never looked at the spreadsheets. I woke up with no plan, and did nothing everyday, but eat, watch MTV2, play guitar, talk nonsense, and maybe go for walks in the neighbourhood, factory outlet shopping.

I didn’t set any goals, and didn’t care about being “organized” or “productive”… and it was quite liberating. I wrote this song on one of those lazy afternoons, while reflecting on what was going on at that point in my life, about the quiet satisfaction of having no plans, and just existing in each moment for what it’s worth…
Lyrics here.

Morning Divide, 2006

Pic of me back when I used to perform, once upon a time.

Updated history of my home made costumes

LATEST: Group costume, Halloween 2013…. Sister Act!!

MindValley Retreat, Krabi, 2012, an oil shiekh

Halloween 2012, Caesar, Revenge of the Planet of the Apes

Halloween 2010, Jurassic Park!

Halloween (2009),  Simba from Lion King.


And Halloween (2008) I was Serena Williams.


Halloween (2007), I was a bearded man.


And somewhere in between a “Rockstars” party I was Lenny Kravitz.


And a “Superheroes” party I was Optimus Prime.


And a “Gangstas a Hos” party I was not a Ho.


And a “Bollywood” party I was pretty confused.


And more silly outfits at a “Vampires” party + graduation party.


And the new face of Khailee’s Fried Chicken


And me after my sit ups.


And me dressed as a lactating dog.


Coworking at the original “The Hub” Islington, London

Here I am at what is probably the most well branded and established network of coworking spaces and community of interesting constructive people.

The Hub:


It’s kinda like a gym membership but you work on your business, project, but not your body. And, you meet all kinds of people. Unlike a gym, they don’t distract you with their curves, grunts, or stares.


So cozy. Library. Kitchenette.


IOh, check out the wood on this guy.


It’s actually rolled up card board with a flat board on it. This hub is packed with this thing. Doesn’t look too expensive to make eh. But very nice.

And, you can rent meeting rooms with plenty of sunlight! Helps you grow.


Me chilling out with the heater. It’s like 2 degrees right now in London.

DSCN9795 DSCN9778

For a small space (2000 sq ft) it’s incredibly well used.

DSCN9773DSCN9774 DSCN9775DSCN9799

And… This is how the hub makes money.


This business model allows it to span all over the place!


Isreal, Berkeley, etc.. when is it Kuala Lumpur’s turn?

Watch this space… 😉

Because Captivity Isn’t Easy

My impulsive Saturday morning digression produced a photoshoot with Jules the party animal. Some of you may recognize him from the infamous Cat Got Your Tongue parties, or thegreydelay comic strip.

image image image

Yeah I know, he runs wild. So here I attempt to capture him: His emotions, running through his fur as he lounges on my Doof.


I’m not paid to blog about the Doof btw.

It’s just that my friends behind Doof created a product I have been wetting myself about as a kid: A huge, invincible, comfortable beanbag! Way to go Kelvin for a solid satisfying product, and such a witty tagline like “Plush Booty, No Cooty”.

I am a huge fan of the bag. And so is Jules…

Jules the party animal says:

“Captivity isn’t easy for a wild cat like myself.”

“The urban jungle can really wear you down.”


“Even cultured tigers like myself need a safe place to rest the weight of the world on.”

“Yeah. I use a Doof.”


“I spend hours on my Doof. Sometimes, I spend minutes.”

“Yeah. That’s me. Just sitting there growling to myself, re-asserting my dominance over the food chain. Without hurting anyone, of course.”


“Oh, and I do most of my reading on a Doof, too. I read, and read, and let it sink it in… Being the sensitive animal I am, sometimes I cry on it. My Doof tells me it’s OK to cry. It says it’s tear-proof. So I cry. And I feel like, like, everything’s gonna be OK…”


Khailee says:

Um, yeah. OK. OK Jules, that’s OK for now. Just stop.

Right. Where were we?

Oh we’re about done, actually. I supposed to get real work done today.

So if you want to continue this conversation, leave Jules out of it and get in touch with them via their Facebook group or email, ask em what colors and sizes they have. They also do beanbag rental for events.

Another dinosaur doodle on a CD


This time, the CD ain’t blank. It’s got mp3s from my playlist ‘lostandfound’, ‘listeningroom’ and a whole bunch of Philosopher’s Notes.

I’d prefer if my white marker tip wasn’t super fat though. The previous black dinosaur doodle was drawn with my trusty dual tip Sharpie. I could be more elaborate.

Any quick dinosaur doodle is always good fun nonetheless, especially if you have the mind and drawing ability of a 5 year old chimpanzee.

Doodling dinosaurs on CDs

I used to draw dinosaurs as a child.

I still do.


This time, a blank CD was my canvas victim.

Seated on my balcony, Broken Social Scene in the background, I ended up doodling for an hour.

Here’s a closer look at the damage. (Click on the picture to zoom in)


That’s right folks.

I’m proud to announce, Doodling dinosaurs on CDs is the latest quick-fix stress relief fad!

Burst your medicine balls, undo your eye massage goggles, and delete your collection of naughty videos, because doodling dinosaurs on CDs will save your career and marriage.

It’s so simple even adults can do it!


You will need

  1. A blank CD
  2. Music you actually like
  3. A permanent marker (I use one with two different fatness)


Benefits of doodle dinosaurs on CDs include:

  1. Avoid real work
  2. Save on petrol
  3. Return to your childhood moments (the ones involving no torture)

Try it, and shout “Grrrrroooooooooooooo! (a dinosaur sound) when you’re done. You’ll be glad you did.

And upload a photo of it online and leave a comment here!

Download My Fave 1280px X 800px Wallpapers

Here are some wallpapers I designed for my own sick, personal use.

Feel free to download it, share it, and spread it. As long as you don’t hurt animals in the process.



It’s based on a photograph I took of a floor in Cameron Highlands. I was wearing the shoes I hacked.

The next one is called

“Blue Wood”


I know the name is so abstract and deep. Maybe when you get an arts degree you will understand what it means.

Till then, download “Shook” and “Blue Wood” for your 1280 X 800 desktop wallpapers. Both are simple and not overly distracting. Maybe a bit bleak, but perhaps you’ll see it in good light.

The Breathing Tree


Armed with a mouse and my laptop, I used to draw a lot of trees. I didn’t look at trees when I drew them. They exist in my imagination. A whole forest full of them.

Today, I give you one of my trees. This one was part of a collage of trees I called “The Impossible Forest”. This lone tree is called “The Breathing Tree”. Drawn in Sydney, on August 31, 2004.

My other pixel sketches are here.