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The Age of Speed… when?

He said…

"We are now faced with the fact, my friends, that tomorrow is today. We are confronted with the fierce urgency of now. In this unfolding conundrum of life and history, there is such a thing as being too late. Procrastination is still the thief of time. Life often leaves us standing bare, naked, and dejected with a lost opportunity. The tide in the affairs of men does not remain at flood — it ebbs. We may cry out desperately for time to pause in her passage, but time is adamant to every plea and rushes on. Over the bleached bones and jumbled residues of numerous civilizations are written the pathetic words, "Too late."

Guess when was this spoken?

1963. By Martin Luther King Jr.

Guess he knew a thing or two about speed.

Songs I wrote a while ago

Death of the Excel Spreadsheet, 2005

Taken from an old MySpace blog post I made in 2006…

The Story Behind the Song:

Death of the Excel Spreadsheet was written around July 2005, when I was in Bethesda (near Washington D.C). It never had a title till I uploaded it on Myspace.

But the story behind it is pretty straightforward.

I used to live by my Excel Spreadsheets, where my schedule, budget, notes, decision making models, private journals etc were stored on. I woke up to a spreadsheet. I went through them before I slept.

Shortly after completing my studies at San Francisco State, I spent 3 weeks with my good friend Jeff at his place in Bethesda, Maryland.

I never looked at the spreadsheets. I woke up with no plan, and did nothing everyday, but eat, watch MTV2, play guitar, talk nonsense, and maybe go for walks in the neighbourhood, factory outlet shopping.

I didn’t set any goals, and didn’t care about being “organized” or “productive”… and it was quite liberating. I wrote this song on one of those lazy afternoons, while reflecting on what was going on at that point in my life, about the quiet satisfaction of having no plans, and just existing in each moment for what it’s worth…
Lyrics here.

Morning Divide, 2006

Pic of me back when I used to perform, once upon a time.

Updated history of my home made costumes

LATEST: Group costume, Halloween 2013…. Sister Act!!

MindValley Retreat, Krabi, 2012, an oil shiekh

Halloween 2012, Caesar, Revenge of the Planet of the Apes

Halloween 2010, Jurassic Park!

Halloween (2009),  Simba from Lion King.


And Halloween (2008) I was Serena Williams.


Halloween (2007), I was a bearded man.


And somewhere in between a “Rockstars” party I was Lenny Kravitz.


And a “Superheroes” party I was Optimus Prime.


And a “Gangstas a Hos” party I was not a Ho.


And a “Bollywood” party I was pretty confused.


And more silly outfits at a “Vampires” party + graduation party.


And the new face of Khailee’s Fried Chicken


And me after my sit ups.


And me dressed as a lactating dog.


The geek part of me

According to First State of the Twitosphere in Malaysia, and “How long have you been tweeting”, I’m one of the first handful (maybe 20ish?) Malaysians who used Twitter, way back in 2006. @khailee

It’s dumb. But part of me feels like I’m the first man on the moon. I even did a “BOOYA” with hand gestures and all to the confused person beside me.

And then I stopped.

My ICQ number is 335339. That’s like 6 digits. I’ve never met anyone with 6 digits. Bet some of you don’t even know what ICQ is, do you? Not as 1337 as meeee…?

The same dumb part of me feels like I’m the first man on two freaking moons.

Then I stopped.

Acting like I’m part of history is good fun, but creating actual history should be pretty neat, too. Back to work…

Coworking at the original “The Hub” Islington, London

Here I am at what is probably the most well branded and established network of coworking spaces and community of interesting constructive people.

The Hub:


It’s kinda like a gym membership but you work on your business, project, but not your body. And, you meet all kinds of people. Unlike a gym, they don’t distract you with their curves, grunts, or stares.


So cozy. Library. Kitchenette.


IOh, check out the wood on this guy.


It’s actually rolled up card board with a flat board on it. This hub is packed with this thing. Doesn’t look too expensive to make eh. But very nice.

And, you can rent meeting rooms with plenty of sunlight! Helps you grow.


Me chilling out with the heater. It’s like 2 degrees right now in London.

DSCN9795 DSCN9778

For a small space (2000 sq ft) it’s incredibly well used.

DSCN9773DSCN9774 DSCN9775DSCN9799

And… This is how the hub makes money.


This business model allows it to span all over the place!


Isreal, Berkeley, etc.. when is it Kuala Lumpur’s turn?

Watch this space… 😉

Maybe you don’t need a new year to change your life…

… maybe all you need is a couple of days?

Think about it.

Maybe major events to change your life, were orchestrated in days. Major changes in your life, perhaps happened in moments of decision. Or waves of massive action.


This is true, at least for me.

So, naturally, I got curious… how many power moves I could make by the end of 2009?

I mean, I had a great year. Easily my best. But I really wanted to nail it good. But. So there I was with 5 days left, and Christmas Eve party hangover. What could I do?

I started with the only thing I knew. Penning my thoughts down on a list. Then, I got to work:

  1. Learned the ukulele (I can play most chords and a few songs now, wrote one of my own songs too)
  2. “Acquired” 7GB of new music to lay the soundtrack for 2010
  3. Spent a full day’s worth of quality time with mom and dad (hard to come by)
  4. Renovation! Turned my room into a creativity and rest zone (formerly known as war zone). Turned the outside of my room into a hardcore work zone (proven productivity, I tested it!)
  5. Done a whole bunch of nagging office work
  6. Printed out, designed, and put up my vision board to remind myself of the aspirations which guide me.
  7. Got back on my usual (but improved) fitness addictions with a bang!
  8. Designed a flyer for a legendary party (totally got in flow… loved it. Pointless creative expression… ah…)
  9. Threw a legendary party to celebrate life as we know it

Man. The party was SO last minute. But it really came together way beyond my expectations!

Thanks to Jenn, Gabby, and a whole bunch of friends I don’t see very often but still trust me enough to ditch their plans for a quirky mixed bag of crazy…. we had a good one.


Highlight: Turns out Gabby’s friends from Canada and I grew up with the same anthems and when they took over the playlist, it was heaven all night long. And Jenn turned plain eggs and mayo and vegetables into some designer food OMG give me more! And the people, the jokes, the dancing, the conversation… ah… I’ll let the vivid pictures and videos crop up on Facebook. Let me get back to my point.

Admittedly, I failed to record an EP and publish a compilation of short stories on absurdity. But can’t hate a man for trying right? I’m still pretty proud of what I achieved to top off 2009 as the best year of my life.

So much cool stuff in 5 days…

And I know I’m not the only one.

Many of us are truly fortunate enough, to live in an age where were so connected, so full of ideas, energy, opportunities, and control. Our potential is limitless. And to think, all it takes is action. A few days of consistent, addictive action. Only a few days… and we can have so much immediate positive changes in our lives…

Wonder what will we be able to do with the whole of 2010? 😉

Do the math. It may change your life

untitledHow fast did yesterday go away?

How fast did the past 100 days slip by?

Say your age is 25

If you think you’ll live till 75, this means you have 18,000+ days left to live.

Having fun in your youth? You’ve got 5,000+ days till you hit 40.

Not sure when you might die? Who knows how many days you have left…

So. Out of all the days ahead of you… how many are you dedicating to being unhappy or uninspired?

Count your life in days… and maybe you’ll make today count 🙂

Untitled pixel sketch by Khailee