About Me

Managing Partner, 500 Startups. Founder, SAYS..com (Acquired by Catcha Group). Groupsmore (Acquired by Groupon). I live to create! I get excited by new businessescostumes, music, art, dance moves and the future.

The Longer Story

I enjoy a creative life. I indulge in singing, making music, dancing, writing, interior design, and my favourite – creating businesses. I believe tomorrow’s game changing companies can be created by giving people from anywhere in the world equal access to global resources and opportunity. This belief was borne out of personal gratitude. I was born and raised in Malaysia, started building web products at age 15, started building companies at 24, two of which were successfully listed or acquired. All this because of the information and inspiration I got through the web! I believe that like me, there are millions of other people in markets around the world, waiting to write the next chapter of history with the companies that they will build. I get excited by the thought of being able to be of service to this potential. To do this, I work with the world’s most active technology venture capital firm, 500 Startups, as Managing Partner. I lead their global expansion, manage the Southeast Asian micro-fund, and build bridges between emerging markets and Silicon Valley. My hope is that the work I do can accelerate this global renaissance.