Things Are Finally Clicking Into Place

Just had dinner with Mike and Vishen, the founders of MindValley.

I’m still recovering ;p

They have impressed me once again with a combination of fierce sincerity, intense will and action-taking to create greatness… the kind of juice I would want to see in any leader.

Just look at them.


Well, It’s official now – we’re rebuilding MindValley to become the entrepreneur breeding business incubator automator thingy we always imagined.

We haven’t got the right buzzwords yet, but notice I’m using the word WE.

That’s right.

I’m getting back on board MindValley in a new arrangement, which is SERIOUSLY going to give me the life of my dreams, and make 2008 the best year of my life.

In light of all this new crazy shit I wish I could tell the world about (soon!) I’ve made my decision, and I’m sticking with them for the long haul. The people in MindValley are truly revolutionary and it’s only a matter of time before we realize our potential, and change the world.

Update: I left MindValley in May 2nd 2008 as life is full of surprises! They’re still very close to my heart and I’m sure our paths will cross someday soon.

One comment on “Things Are Finally Clicking Into Place

  1. Praveen Rajan February 6, 2008 9:36 am

    Ah, nothing beats entrepreneurial zest! Looking forward to hearing more about your grand vision & plans for 2008. If there’s any advice I’d pass on, it’d be to just keep the momentum going =)

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