Are you living someone else's dream?

The author of my favorite online comic, Wondermark!, shares some reflections on his life’s focus…

Nearly a year on, I’m finding myself turning down work-for-hire gigs more and more often so I can have time to focus on the comic and other personal projects. Like Tuesday’s comic expressed (in a fashion), I don’t want to waste or give away any more of my own personal calendar-squares than I have to. Often that means that I walk away from decent paychecks or even potential career opportunities — but in doing so, I’ve realized with growing clarity how important it is to spend my finite energy in pursuit of my own goals, rather than those of an advertising agency, movie studio, or corporate client.

As for me… I’ve been very fortunate to have worked on exciting things with exciting people since day 1. I owe it to my ability to have big dreams in the first place, and doing whatever it takes to realize them.

2008But I’ve got HUGE dreams, and I’ve got to work a whole lot harder (and smarter). I only have a couple years more before my metabolic rate slows, and I realize how mortal I am.

Hence, for 2008, I’m kicking it into high gear.

For starters, I spent a whole day today kick starting a new venture with Joel. More to come. Keep track of my plans and progress here, and remember to update the group about your progress.

P/S – Check out my friend Amir’s new blog.

2 comments on “Are you living someone else's dream?

  1. laydeh February 3, 2008 2:58 pm

    i hear u, i too am in a similar position as you.
    yes it’s taking that big step out of your comfort zone. + i’m glad to hear you’re going ahead with it too.

    as for me, i still am on the fence. my heart knows what to do… but my head of course is listening to the mum who thinks she knows best when dad thinks i should go ahead w the design job.

    well i hope to hear from u soon

  2. adrian February 3, 2008 6:27 pm

    inspiring stuff there dude.. hope i can be more persistence as you. came across your blog and started me re-thinking myself. now i cant sleep and hope to find more reassurance read from your blog.

    i have dream too, just not as driven as yours.

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