Lost In Penang.

Here I go again.

(Not to Penang, I mean. I haven’t been on this island for many years.)

Its “here I go again – wandering around some path I randomly followed”.


It’s getting late, and I might be heading to the club Slippery Senioritas with some MDeC guys.

Waiting for their call.

I love the MDeC guys.

They flew me to Penang to speak at “Technopreneur Dialog & Web2.0 Sharing” with ex-Googler turned investor Colin Wong.

Hmm… what should I speak about.

I’m speechless.

If you look at the program, I’m slotted to speak on Ruby on Rails alongside RoR evangelist and master coder Kamal.

I’m not a RoR coder.DSCN9747 He is. Just look at him.

I took this picture just now as he sat around the large-ish hotel room.

We were just chilling, mind you. No hanky panky. He’s married with a kid, and he is not my type.

I prefer Slippery Senioritas haha! I’m kidding – FYI it’s actually a clean club from what I heard, not some dodgy place.

But being lost in Penang, I admit, is not about Slippery Senioritas.

Its on a way deeper level, yet just as petty as any other human worry. It’s about doing a “system reset” on myself… and deciding exactly where to put my chips on this year. Where to place my bets.

Coz I wanna really make something huge happen.

I haven’t decided yet, but I’ve already spoken to the MindValley guys. I might be moving on this year to do my own thing.

Well see.

Until then, I’m lost in Penang.

3 comments on “Lost In Penang.

  1. Jade February 2, 2008 5:36 pm

    You’ll never get lost in Penang! =D

    lol…guess you really love Slippery Senioritas~
    Ans: cuz it’s jz 5 minutes away from Cititel?


  2. khailee February 2, 2008 5:52 pm

    slippery senoritas was sooooooooooooo dodgy! was interesting n surreal tho.. they had a live band lip syncing to AKON and fergie stuff…

  3. muidlatif February 23, 2008 5:37 am

    Khailee, you should love the MDeC guys! 😉 we’re funky!

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