2008 Will Be the Best Year of my Life: Part 1

2008 When I was 19, I stopped watching TV, and decided I didn’t need to catch every next movie. Since then, my life went on without seeing advertisements, MTV, and harry potter.

Drastic move? Maybe not. Guess what happened half an hour ago.

Note: “2008 Will Be The Best Year Of My Life” is a series of blog posts detailing all the things I am doing to break old patterns and start new habits. This is part 1 of many.

I installed a USB mp3 player in my car.


I suspect, it will be the start of a beautiful relationship…

This will increase the amount of mp3 audio-books I listen to over the year. Instead of reading books, I’ll get some unknown voice read all the good stuff to me!

This should help in in my way more than all the wasted hours listening to Rhianna, Britney, and Rudy and JJ.

I can also catch up with the gigs of indie music i collected over the years, and expand the soundtrack to my life. Songs which help me emote. It’s important for me to lead an inspired life – and art, music and expression is a huge part of it.

I mean, check out the friggin’ stats!

2004-2005: I listened to mp3s of fringe genres of music. I felt inspired to create! I wrote 72 songs with my acoustic guitar.

Compare this to after I moved back to Malaysia and started driving.

2006-2007: I only had a CD player, and burning CDs was too troublesome. So I listened to the radio. Total amount of songs written? 12. And I’m not proud of any of them.

Installing a USB mp3 player will change all of this.

I hate burning CDs. It’s a waste of time. Everything I have is in mp3, it’s about time my car adapted to the fact. This will put control in MY hands. I decide what I allow into my reality – not what Hitz.fm thinks is good for me.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have severed what seems like the last unintended tie to pop culture.

I have escaped radio.

This means up to 8 hours a week of my attention will be free from 50 cent and Avril Lavigne. And it will, in a small but powerful way, make 2008 the best year of my life.

Next: In Part 2 of “2008 will be the best year of my life”, I will engineer incentives and routines for health and wellness.

2 comments on “2008 Will Be the Best Year of my Life: Part 1

  1. laydeh December 29, 2007 11:05 am

    now we can talk about music xchange! :DDD
    but u’d have to sieve thru my 80+ GB of mp3s (n no they’re not mainstream 92.9fm stuff)

    i was actually contemplating on getting the itouch 16gb, realising that all that bling won’t do good to my perpetual music-on-the-move-tune-flipping.

    that usb car thing would be ur very best ’08 present to urself, considering the amount of time spent behind the wheel in KL.

  2. Joshua December 31, 2007 5:18 am

    Oh thank youuu khailee! I was at the brink of replacing my spoilt radio in my car. Then I realised that I’m not alone!

    Happy New Year!

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