Social Experiment In Kuala Lumpur : 100 Groups Needed

 I’m about to unleash some chaos in Klang Valley’s social scene – and I need you to tell me if I’m crazy or what…!!!

Here’s what’s happening…. noticed how the Klang Valley can be a bit “clique-ish” and anti social sometimes.? I mean, KL is a great place don’t get me wrong.. but if you’re a fabulous person, with your own friends, hobbies, quirky interests etc… how easy it is to find a similar group of friends to meet up with?

Now, imagine if it’s dead-easy to browse a whole directory full of GROUPS OF FRIENDS, describing what they’re like… all of them, keen to meet up in the Klang Valley with other like-minds.

Wouldn’t it make it easier for everyone to shop around and choose new interesting people to hang out with? I imagine the Klang Valley would be a pretty exciting place. This isn’t just about dating – it’s about meeting up with new people you actually like.

Okay. So I think this is possible. I really do. But the experiment is, would other people believe in too?

( Side note: is the international site. The Klang Valley version is )

Here’s the deal: If 100 people sign up to this social experiment – I have proof that there is demand – and I will spend the rest of 2008 making this happen, and before you know it, your social life will never be the same again.

If you think something like this is worth a shot… even if it excites you, just a little, I hope you’ll take part, and maybe tell other people, and get more people so we can more quickly reach 100… see to see what I mean.

3 comments on “Social Experiment In Kuala Lumpur : 100 Groups Needed

  1. Hunny Madu December 19, 2007 8:05 am

    KL Bunch Out is such an amazing idea! I’m in. Lets sign up!

  2. Sasi December 19, 2007 10:51 am

    Yeah i was checking out the page yesterday thanx to the link from your blog – awesome idea – i will join in too 🙂
    But my pals are in PG

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