The pseudo science of group vibes

By “amplify each other” I mean how we feel at the time gets amplified.

Sort of explains how I feel when

  • I’m dancing in a room full of people who are really into dancing VS dancing amongst people who just stand around half-dancing
  • I’m amongst people with wild jokes and laughter
  • I’m having delightful conversation with people “on the same wavelength” VS people “from another planet”
  • I meet people with “good vibes” 🙂
  • I’m in a work meeting and experience the group phenomenon also known as “Groupshift”: Where group decisions exaggerate the initial position of the individual members. Not necessarily a good thing ;p
  • I listen to music which suits my “mood”. In this case the music is complementing my vibes.

I kinda operate at many different wavelengths depending on the context and time of day, and I’m really happy I’ve got people I can “resonate” with at all levels!

Shoutout to good friends and all the great people I’ve met over the past few weeks. More good times ahead! 😉

One comment on “The pseudo science of group vibes

  1. Ming December 18, 2007 3:54 pm

    makes sense. sometimes when i have conversation tho, the wavelenght continues to increase in size. explain that!

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