Every Halloween Costume @ Laundrybar

You have no idea how I love dressing up, being in character, or dancing like no one is watching…

Last night I did all of the above ;p

That’s not big news though. The shocker = so many people in Klang Valley are just like me!

And they all came out to haunt Laundrybar… fully decked out in Halloween outfits – and turned Laundrybar into dance floor last night… hot hot hot!

Here’s proof.

Let’s start with best dressed for the night…. Freddie Krueger!

And the runner up (a personal fave of mine)… the TV set! Pictured here with his HongKong rapist friend.

Mind you, I am the bearded werewolf boy in all the pictures. The rapist is on the right of the photo.

Here is another version of the rapist outfit. But this guy didn’t have money for the mask.

You will also notice Crystal the vampire schoolgirl and YuRi “The Crow” in all the photos too. We werewolf types hunt in packs…

And we met more noteworthy costumes, and moments worth mentioning, including…

The mummy! And the face at the back of that dude’s head! OoooOOooooOOoOoh…!!

Darth maul’s bitch! and Popeye! Aaaaargh! Hoooaargh!!!

Some classics.


I was filled with envy when the gorilla showed up. My secret dream is to run amok in a gorilla outfit…

I admit I wasn’t pleased knowing someone else had more hair…

I was going to knock the gorilla out cold, tie the fella up in my boot, and then assume its identity and party all night long.

Instead, I visited Scarlet (a new club at Cineleisure, which is nearby).

My friends at Scarlet did NOT recognize me at all.

Neither were they dressed up.

So YuRi, Crystal and I went back to Laundry. Check out the staff at Laundry!

Looks kinda similar after a while eh.


LaundryBar’s Manager was different, though. He was dressed as “The Manager”. OooOOooOoOoOOooo!!!!

Another staff member. Always happy to serve you drinks.

Heck I’m not sure if this guy works at Laundry… fugly mask…


Then there were girls dressed up as good-looking girls. Incidentally some were amongst my brother’s ex-girlfriends.

I met a new bunch of people. Very friendly. Usually I get the vibe that Klang Valley yuppie types can be very clique-ish but they were cool.


Claudine, in green hair accused me of being dressed as Osama haha.

They called themselves “Halloween Whores”. I’m guessing it’s only a one night stand.

Perhaps Hani is also offering the same deal.

Man, I had so much fun. I’ve another Halloween party on Saturday, I might wear my beard on my chest instead and go as a bear. Or David Hasselhoff. We’ll see.

Thanks YuRi for all the photos! And leaving shredded pants lint all over my house.

YuRi is now a self-employed m
usic producer / composer extraoridaire… He’s teamed up with other award-winning designers, filmmakers, and creative-types to define the creative scene.

What this means, is I freeload his air-con in his pimped out, professional studio in Mont Kiara. (While his website is being set up, Contact him for more info on what he can do for you).

And thanks Crystal as well – my fave party companion! We’ve been out dancing a total of 4 times since last Wednesday. I have never done this before. I usually watch TED videos at home. All this is your fault.

It was a great night.

I used to think KL was kinda lame – but really, KL is a great place to be with the right people and at the right places. And the scene here is definitely heating up!

Especially the social scene… more on that when my new web application is released! Hohoho!

Like my costume? Compared to my Optimus Prime outfit. Or my “Gangsta” wear.

REVEALED! It’s a bunch of RM4.90 hair extensions plastered on me with masking tape. How uncreative haha

Can’t wait till we have an “in character” party where not only you dress up, you BECOME someone else the entire night. If I threw such a party would you come?

People tell me they would play along but sometimes I’m skeptical.. hmm…

Till next time!

Have a great year my friends.

6 comments on “Every Halloween Costume @ Laundrybar

  1. khaiyong November 1, 2007 10:54 pm

    ah.. and i thought only UK is into dressing up and stuff… but this..?

  2. charlie November 5, 2007 9:41 am

    if u’re ever gonna throw one, i’d dress up as ‘khai lee’. haha! definitely in for a busy night.

  3. meldee November 14, 2007 12:46 pm

    the lady with green hair is claudia 😉 close one though. heh.

  4. edwin December 1, 2007 2:17 am

    hey the old man looks real!

  5. crystal December 4, 2007 9:58 am

    i sayang you too bebeh:)
    next dess-up stop, new years goth party! woohooo~~

  6. Alex August 6, 2009 6:25 am

    I’m abit late to give you comment on this blog posts. However, I enjoyed the photo very much and love the Freddie Kruegar the most. The makeup looks really real. Thanks for sharing and hope you’ll have a same or even better halloween this year.

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