MindValley Launches SocialRank

It’s almost midnight, and I’m at the office, sweating slightly.

No, I’m not hacking another pair of shoes.

It’s just that the building turns off it’s air-con at some point, and I’m the kinda guy who breaks a sweat. What can I say.

But I’m breakin’ it for good reason.

The MindValley gang and myself have been rushing this baby to market, and now we have it.


In simple terms, it’s an algorithm which can tell you if one blog post is more popular than another.

We invented it, and we’re using it to launch 1,000 websites focused on telling you what are the popular blog posts for any given interest area.

See the first 30 sites powered by SocialRank.

A good example is Malaysia.DailyVoices.com.

You can instantly see which Malaysian blog posts are getting the most attention at any given moment.

Now you don’t have to look at the thousands of Malaysian blogs out there to know what people are paying attention to.

Learn more about the magical math behind the SocialRank algorithm, the DailyVoices mission, and a related article on Malaysian Blog Aggregators I wrote.

UPDATE: See what other bloggers are saying about SocialRank

One comment on “MindValley Launches SocialRank

  1. Effa October 2, 2007 2:25 am

    yay! its finally out! so thats what u were doin last night while i was bein all emo.. kekeke. congrats. 🙂

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