Optimus Prime Crashes Costume Party

The party was thrown for David (pictured below as Sagat), who has returned to London. He sat opposite me at work for a good few months. Will miss the guy and his puns.

It was a costume party themed “Superheroes or Movie Characters”… and I’m lucky enough to have Swen design my costume… she was magic!

Other people had interesting costumes too.

Yes, those are sink caps as my Optimus Prime ovaries.

But I soon transformed.


The costume fell apart, and later in the night, Nika (pictured left) tripped over it and hurt her knee.

This is how I make women fall for me haha.

One comment on “Optimus Prime Crashes Costume Party

  1. saran August 11, 2007 2:22 am

    optimus prime!!!!! HAHAHAHHAAA!!!

    😀 i gotta say the costume looks awesome!

    and i bet you stuck your leg out to make her trip! :p

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