Know a friend who is between studies? Fresh grad? Very curious?

Tell them about this somewhat different internship…. open to 2 somewhat different people.

Why different?

Consider this

  • You’ll work alongside an elite team of thinkers from 10 different countries in an American company based in KL Sentral.
  • Your work involves the next evolution of blogs, unraveling internet culture, and a mathematical algorithm code-named “SocialRank”.
  • Together, you’ll create a network of 1,000 influential media sites, powered by this algorithm.
  • You’ll be mentored by Mike Reining, eBay’s former Head of New Venture Strategy, Stanford MBA, who helped eBay acquire Skype for $4.1 Billion

At this point you might be wondering what you might be doing… (And if you’re wondering, that’s good. If you’re curious by nature, and interested in people, and the internet, you’ll find this opportunity twice as rewarding)

Your typical day involves

  • Investigating what people are interested in / passionate about
  • Identifying blogs which cater to those interests
  • Going into our soundproof room of whiteboard walls as part of every relevant discussion and brainstorm

Will you occasionally get friendly with a photocopier machine? No. This is a somewhat different internship, remember? Heck, we don’t even use paper.

So what will you gain?

If you value learning above all…

  • The project will take you on a ride into the future of what the internet will look like.
  • Your research will help you breed empathy – and an appreciation of what people from all walks of life, around the world, are like.
  • The time spent with us will show you how efficient teams of talented people work together.
  • And did I mention you’ll be personally mentored by one of the brightest minds from the Silicon Valley?


  • We’re confident that SocialRank and it’s media network will be the next big thing in the internet – make your mark.
  • Work with us, and we’ll give you the highest recommendation to your future employers
  • Prove yourself now – you may eventually earn yourself a place in the core team – earning equity and a full time job in a hot internet company.

We’re willing to give a great learning experience for the right person.

What makes the “right” person?

We don’t care if you never been to school or if you have “unrelated” education. As long as you’re familiar with blogs, blogging, using the internet – and can easily provide evidence of extraordinary curiosity, and multiple interests, let’s talk. No technical skills required. You’ll be given all the tools and training to be at your best.

It’s rare to have so many learning opportunities in one unpaid internship – so here’s your chance.

Send your CV and a letter detailing your interest and personality to khailee at mindvalley dot com.

This is a full-time, short-term position, at KL Sentral. Details of the project will only be shared with shortlisted candidates.

In the meantime, here are some links.

2 comments on “Know a friend who is between studies? Fresh grad? Very curious?

  1. Alex Lam August 3, 2007 9:08 am

    Oh man, am I too old for this? 😀

  2. Sam September 27, 2007 5:04 pm

    Hmm, I’m in between studies. I came over to drop by some HITB flyers earlier in the month.

    Just wondering if this position still available or already filled in?

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