Random Philippino Moments

Rumour has it, he could chew open a coconut with his bare teeth. The legends referred to him as the “Buko King”…

I had to defeat him.

Watch video PROOF… of me taking on the “Buko King”.

I remember other incidents of course. Some even more surreal.

Such as being led by an island singer to a lonely streetside music machine to impersonate Tom Jones, The Scorpions, and Britney.

They call it Videoke. I call it Karaoke. The locals call it horrendous.

It’s my second time in the Philippines (Manila and Bohol). I was celebrating my one year of being a contributing, functional member of the working class.

Here’s the side of Philippines I saw… illustrated with some videos, photos, and words… sorted by imagination…

Let me start with the beautiful people in our group…

Dino, the Philippino giant… he isn’t part of our group-group. (We kinda met him there, a friend of a friend)

But I just wanted to show you his picture first.

They call him Dino for a reason… more brontosauraus than T-Rex, though. The gentle giant… he was even taller than I was! Can you believe it? Someone taller than me? You’d better believe it. Here’s some proof.

Ok well Effa is part of our group – group. In fact, she handled most of the nitty-gritty of organizing transport and such.

And of course Nadiah, who provided the bulk of the accomodation and silly but funny commentary. So it was the 3 of us on the trip. Effa, Nadiah, and myself.

Then there was Nadiah’s mom. We stayed at her place. She called me budak cina comel (cute Chinese boy)

We also met up with old friends… Here’s Jaime, a full-blooded Pinoy bloke. I met him a year ago during the HSBC Young Entrepreneur Award. He’s pictured with Effa. Thanks Jaime for your warm hospitality!

And Angeli, Chinese Philippino. Also from the HSBC thing. Angeli took me out on a pretty wild night involving expensive restaurants and full body massages. Here she is pictured with budak Cina comel.

I also met up with Lea, a good friend from my first trip to the Philippines. We were in Davao for some British Council thing.

Then there’s Nadiah’s gang of Pinoy friends, Aris, Karen, and Dino (again). Here we are clubbing in Manila.

The uniformed guy below is Bobbyjoe Di Mario. He was probing me before I entered the mall. Its kinda normal there. He isn’t exactly my friend, I didn’t party with him or anything. I just felt Bobbyjoe Di Mario as a name, really suited this guy.

We met celebrities, too. Like Keanu Reeves and Thom Yorke, pictured here.

And Boyz II Men

There are more characters, like Silso. But you’ve already met him. He was singing that Scorpions song in the Videoke video above (Silso = local singer who took us to sing with him).

The next day he took us on his boat for a beach adventure. More on that later.

For now I just want to say how much I hate pork. I had too much pork in the Philippines!

I had pork face and ears… also known as sisig, or fear factor.

And pork blood

Made from brother of this poor piglet.

Ugh! That’s enough to get me all vegan.

Let’s shift gears, and transport ourselves to the lovely Bohol islands… namely Panglao beach.

Here’s a video of the many dogs roaming the island, laying bricks everywhere.

When they aren’t laying bricks, they dream of it.

So many dogs…

And here’s the typical beach pictures…

Guess who’s feet belongs to who? (Hint: Effa’s toe hair is gross)

Shopping on the beach!

Pix of us with Silso’s boat.

Apart from beaches… We also visited the Chocolate Hills…

Some of us climbed them…

Too bad Silso didn’t have a car. Our tour guide’s name is Johnny, and he isn’t very cool. His van was okay though.

Johnny took us to see a large snake named “Prony”.

And it’s even scarier caretaker…

More snakes!

And more vicious animals! Like the evil Tarsir… apparently the smallest primate on earth. Scary!

Here I am getting my arm chewed off.

And Nadiah chewing on them to defend me.

We had to do all this scary stuff under the wrath of the sun… and I thought Kuala Lumpur was hot.

At the end of the day…. we’re fortunate to have great accomodation. Like the half-built Villa Amadilla on Panglao Beach…

And its helpful caretaker, Andreas. He helped us kill a cockcroach in the middle of the night.

Casa Rosario in Cebu was good too.

Did you notice that guitar in the picture? I bought it from this guy.

I don’t know his name. But he claimed he made the guitar I bought. It was a cheap guitar, but I loved it!

It’s a great souvenir.

I’m not that big on souvenirs though. They make me miss these moments more… the fond moments… of waiting in transit…

The trike-hauling…

And the cheap (and clean) massage services after a long day of trike-hauling… (Prior to this, I never actually experienced massage)

Ah.. the dreamy days…

And the dreamy nights…

More to come!!!

Next year I’ll attack Boraycay and Baguio (a beach and a mountain area in the Philippines). If you wanna join me just say yes.

Thanks again Nadiah and Effa and my Pinoy pals for the great holiday =)

10 comments on “Random Philippino Moments

  1. perempuan cina comel May 21, 2007 12:54 am

    glad you had a great vacation, til next time!

  2. perempuan filipino-cina comel May 21, 2007 12:56 am

    glad you had a great vacation, til next time! ;P

  3. dino May 21, 2007 3:32 am

    where are the other pictures? hey if you’re still interested in the indie bands here, ask karen to get an issue of FHM where Eula Valdez is on the cover. theres an article there mentioning around 20 indie bands

  4. soraya May 21, 2007 9:25 am

    amazing! i thought u were the tallest of the tallest. haha..

    the pictures look great btw

  5. khaiyong May 21, 2007 2:17 pm

    damn i knew those were effas

  6. effa May 22, 2007 9:26 am

    i can’t help it.
    it won’t go away no matter how much i wax.

  7. pix May 24, 2007 3:46 am

    Hey congrats for the nomination, man… think u stand a pretty good chance regardless 🙂 Pic looks great.

  8. Creative Vision September 14, 2008 12:09 pm

    Hello man

    really nice pictures. We wanna come with you next time please. My name is Peter and my mum’s name is Grace but I want to bring my wife this time and for your information her name is Beatrice. We are both English but not that white so dont worry about the hot sun. When shall we go?

  9. joanne February 15, 2010 9:53 am

    thanks for sharing with us your Filipino Moments here in the Philippines..

  10. Watch Prince Hindi Movie March 24, 2010 8:38 pm

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