Creating Your Ideal Work Lifestyle

I was watching notorious graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister talk about designs which make him happy.

You can watch it, too. Althought it’s not as mind-blowing as some of the other TED videos, it contains some good insights, which I will discuss in this blog post. 

In that video, he shared his philosophy of work, and life. He says, he is most happy

  • thinking about ideas and content freely – with the deadline far away
  • working without interruption on a single project
  • using a wide variety of tools and techniques
  • travelling to new places
  • working on projects that matter to him 
  • seeing the end results of his work 

Does this resonate with what you decided as you ideal work lifestyle? Is it anything like your current work lifestyle?

Have you given much thought about your ideal work lifestyle?

Do you believe it’s achievable?

I have a lot to say when it comes to the philosophy of work. And I always use “work” and “lifestyle” in the same sentence, considering

  • many of us spend such a huge chunk of our lives at “work”.
  • we feel its impact on every aspect of our lifestyle… from where we stay, the people we meet, the way we think…

In light of this, wouldn’t it be tragic if we didn’t strive to create a work lifestyle we enjoyed? It seems to me, if we accepted work as a painful chore neccesary chore to support happiness AFTER work, we’re missing out on half the fun.

I’m not even going to start with the whole contribution to mankind bit.

But I’ll admit, creating your ideal work lifestyle may not be as easy as writing about it… but hey, it’s a start!

Here’s my list. I am most happy

  • Working with excited, passionate, capable people I can trust, admire, and learn from.
  • Solving a difficult puzzles, using my talents and ingenuity
  • Being part of something much larger than myself
  • Getting recognition from people I admire and respect
  • Getting paid loads of money (as one of many measures of value, not so much because I know what to do with money)
  • Laughing a lot in the process

I’m thankful I get a lot the above (and more to come?) from my work at MindValley. I rarely blog about my work in MindValley, coz I don’t wanna seem like I’m bragging all the time.

However, I do plan to elaborate on this some other day. Till then, if you’re anything like me, I urge you to join us for the ride.

What’s YOUR ideal work lifestyle?

One comment on “Creating Your Ideal Work Lifestyle

  1. Joanne May 12, 2008 5:40 am

    I agree that work and lifestyle are inseperable. Unfortunately, not many organizations understand this concept. Hopefully I’ll be your colleague at Mind Valley soon.

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