Argh! Malfunction during my song

*Phew* just got back from Bar Liquid, one of KL’s notorious gay bars, where Jaz was staging Doppelganger, a lurrvely open mic event where random anybodys rock up and sing, play, read poetry, n stuff.

A few of my friends came, including Vishen, my boss. Good thing no one else came, because I sort of bombed.

Besides my blotchy work on a borrowed guitar (thanks Estrella!), midway during my 2nd song, somehow, my huge tit moved some levels on the guitar, and the sound started buzzing, like some grizzly offbeat distortion.

So I stopped my song midway, and didn’t know what to do. The crowd asked me to play on, and so I did, to their horror hahahaha

Oh well, my past 2 gigs have been pretty awesome, I guess tonight just isn’t my night. I will be practising pretty hard for the next time.

A side note, I was at a Japanese Rock gig at Serdang the night before to see a friend play… people actually dressed up for the part. I sensed a bit of Cosplay kinda thing going on.

J-rock gig at Serdang

I wish I took pictures of some of the neo-tokyo punks, but I didn’t wat to get stabbed by their accessories.

There so much “fringe” to the underground music scene, it sure is exciting~!

One comment on “Argh! Malfunction during my song

  1. ikram November 7, 2006 11:30 am

    haha, weh, had a ‘hard-on’ while playing the song is it? haha

    well, at least strings weren’t breaking. i had that once, in a middle of a solo..and i didnt know how to improvise nyahaha

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