The wit involved in testicle jokes

Have you read this news article, about a man who had the wrong testicle removed.

Trust your colleagues to alert you of these important, work-related bits.

I feel sad for the guy. Imagine having your nice healthy left testicle removed, leaving you with a potentially cancerous one (ironically, the “right” one).

The news found its way to Digg, receiving a wave of hilarious comments. Here’ I’ve compiled and paraphrased some of the best ones…

  • I’ll tell ya one thing… the guy’s a nut!
  • Now the girls will think he’s just a dick.
  • Perhaps the second attempt will get the correct one.
  • If they remove your right nut, is your left nut still your “left nut”? Or is it just “the nut”?

    I think it becomes “the only nut left”

  • “That’s all he’s got ‘left'”

    No, he’s not all right anymore.

I don’t even know why I’m blogging about this.

Maybe I’m accusing you of appreciating toilet humor. But this approaches toilet humor only because it involves testicles. If not, it would be all puns.

Yeah. I’m doing the world a favor by spreading funny stuff! Next thing you know I’m forwarding “cute” pictures and chain letters of good luck.

Look out for that =P

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