Humble Party v0.1

With 15 close friends over, I tested out a new kind of Saturday night.

Yu-Ri, Chit Soon, and I played 2 or 3 songs each… James played one song… everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Thanks Fiza for the photos!

I played a new song I wrote, and got some good feedback. Okay, now I have 2 songs I can play at open mics.

Tonight was just a test night – I am organizing a humble house party again very soon and everyone is invited! In the meantime, come to ProjectBazooka’s next gig…

One comment on “Humble Party v0.1

  1. Florine October 22, 2006 10:30 pm

    Hey Khailee,
    My post about the show was a little over-critical, but I had a great time and I loved the energy of the show!
    I will totally be back next time and I will try to bring Michelle with me!

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