Pronunciation is not my For-tay?

I live alone. And I know when you let fear in, it will consume you. So my balls get put to the test often enough, especially after a 6 hour conversation about ghostly experiences.

It was over dinner and supper with James and Mei. We talked about other stuff too, like religion, lifestyles, and love… which can be even scarier.

Then we debated a bit… when describing your ‘strong points’ is the word forte pronounced as fort, or for-tay?

Click here, and here to see what I found off Google…

There is no pronunciation of forte ‘strong point’ that is etymologically acceptable, so it comes down to a question of choosing which error you want to go with. FORT is favored by the more conservative, but is much less familiar; FOR-tay is far more common but is thought to be wrong by people who bother expressing opinions on such matters. The choice is yours.

To think we’de get at least one clear answer tonight..!

One comment on “Pronunciation is not my For-tay?

  1. Talat September 30, 2006 12:09 pm

    Yes leave precision for dwellers of ivory tower, and as language evolves so many inaccuracies become the standard.Hence, I think for-tay will also become ‘precise’ soon as well.

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