The Quiet Weekend Ahead

I just got back from yet another ProjectBazooka gig at Laundrybar… Yu-Ri and I sat with Pete Teo till 2am talking about local music.

A lot of what Pete Teo shared with us confirmed our philosophy and approach to what we do. But I’m a little bit tired for that right now. While all my side projects, work at MindValley, and my social life is getting very exciting… I know I need a break when I forget what month it is.

This weekend is my break. I will do all those things I always wanted to do… like draw comics, compile my thoughts in writing, take semi-conscious naps… coz the weeks ahead ain’t slowing down, not yet…

One comment on “The Quiet Weekend Ahead

  1. khailee September 22, 2006 9:44 am

    i laughed at u singing it lah

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