Whoop Whoop 3 Huge Bands at Laundry!

ProjectBazooka is at it again, with our 5th installment of live local music. Jamming it into your ears! One Buck Short, Telebury, and Single Track Mind. FREE GIG. yes. Thursday (tomorrow) 9pm+ at LaundryBar.

I can’t believe it’s been 5 gigs so far. Just a recap… we have had Flatline, DejaVoodooSpells, BrokenScar, Curtis Blues Review, Couple, The Sofa Sessions, Rhapsody, Tempered Mental… and we’ve bands booked till December…

Besides gigs, there’s a whole lot in the pipeline for ProjectBazooka! Will talk about it soon. But as I speak, the damn website is down again. Grr…

One comment on “Whoop Whoop 3 Huge Bands at Laundry!

  1. thisguy September 21, 2006 1:08 am

    hey- just streamed your video (points below) you’re a real livewire dood. really cool – i love how the audience has picked up on your song.

    good vid.

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