Troubaganger = Heroes

I was almost slightly maybe sad, leaving LaBodega KL tonight. It was the last of many open mic singer-songwriter events held there.

Why? The venue will be transformed into a steamboat restaurant in 2 weeks.

Sei Hon, Jaz, Jerome, and Azmyl have been organising these gigs for over a year now… see “”:

My first, ever public performance was in their show… They gave me a space, support, and a safe environment for me to discover music, including my own.

Their service to the local scene cannot be quantified. The exposure and energy for the performers who play there… artiste development, tieing up the “scene”… They are Malaysian music heroes!

Many singer-songwriters and musicians in the KL urban scene share this sentiment.

Moving on, anyone knows where Troubaganger Open Mic gigs can find a new home? Get in touch.

It was a great gig anyway.

ProjectBazooka will be helping East Malaysia music scene fighter Owen Nicholas expose the East malaysian scene. Details to come. Meantime, check out his awesome killer-folk music

Overall, I’m very happy how the music scene is picking up, and getting it’s act together… see you all at the next Troubaganger open mic, wherever it may be!

One comment on “Troubaganger = Heroes

  1. zeroimpact September 7, 2006 3:46 pm

    Hey, you sang well
    Too bad I knew bout this place a little too late
    Hoping for the next gig soon

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